Adani’s dark underbelly: bribery, vandalism, corruption, money laundering

Adani's puppet Turnbull

Bribery, environmental vandalism, illegal dealings and allegations of corruption and money laundering – it’s the stuff of Hollywood. But this isn’t fiction. This is the true history of the Adani Group – the multinational conglomerate the Turnbull Government wants to give $1 billion to build a giant polluting coal mine that could kill our reef. Today, Environmental Justice Australia released the Adani Brief – a shocking report that unveils the dark underbelly of Adani Group’s business dealings. It’s unfathomable that any politician would do business with a company with this kind of track record, let alone give them $1 billion of public money to run amok with our air, water and wildlife. A handful of politicians in bed with the coal industry are driving this dirty business but the rest of our 150 elected representatives can stand up for people and stop this.


In the last few weeks, we’ve seen Prime Minister Turnbull and his fellow Coalition MPs trip over themselves to win favour with the coal industry.    

They spruik ‘clean coal’ not even Gina Rinehart will touch. They toss a lump of coal around Parliament, red-faced with laughter, while our communities battle bushfires in the hottest year on record. And they blame renewables for blackouts and price hikes caused by their refusal to move our energy system out of the dark ages.

This is the kind of madness that comes from the dying gasps of an industry with its hooks deeply embedded in our political system.

It’s game on – and we’re backing common sense.

On Monday, a coalition of business, energy, investor, climate and welfare groups including one of the biggest operators of coal-fired power stations in the country, issued a sharply worded wake-up call, calling for an end to 10 years of finger-pointing politics on energy.

Clive Hamilton, Professor of Public Ethics and public intellectual,
resigned from the Climate Change Authority over the government’s “perverse” support for coal and inaction on global warming.

And polling this month revealed three-quarters of Australians, including most Liberal voters, don’t want the Turnbull Government to give Adani a $1 billion loan to build its rail line.

Australians don’t want more polluting coal and they don’t want a cent of public money spent on it. We want a government that leads, not drags its feet in the quagmire of the coal industry.

Together, let’s hold our elected representatives to account and remind them they represent people, not big polluters.


On Friday March 3rd, we’ll be in court for our appeal hearing challenging the government’s approval of this disastrous mine.

In target areas across the country, we’re building a network of skilled and connected volunteers to build power, change the story and fix the system.

And in coming weeks, we’re targeting the big Australian banks to make sure they don’t give a cent to Adani’s dirty big coal mine.

Our movement is united to stop Adani. Don’t sit this one out – send your MP the Adani Brief now.


Together, let’s get the dirt out of our democracy.


Geoff Cousins

P.S. Read our summary or EJA's full report now.