Do: Freedom for Political Prisoners in Belarus (Video)


Deutsch – The biggest protests in years took place in dictatorial Belarus. They were caused by a new law, forcing every who has not been working for at least 6 months in one year to pay a “tax”. With this “tax” of 180 €, the government wants to finance healthcare and education. The average income in Belarus is 200-300 €. Because of the protests, the dictator Lukaschenko promised to suspend this “tax” for another year. Still the protests are going on. It is not only about this new law, it is about the dismissal of Lukaschenko. The government took over 160 journalists, anarchists, politicians of the opposition and demonstrantors in custody or imposed a fine on them. Every day more people are facing repression.


The protests were not initiated by political parties, but by normal people. All demonstrations were declared as illegal by the regime, yet the people do not ask for permission; they take the streets.


The anarchist movement is very important in this: it is the best organized group, often leading the demonstrations. Therefore our companions are at the focus of attention and repression. On the 15th of march, about 40 people of the anarchistic movement were beaten up and taken away by police forces during a demonstration in Minsk. Those who have not been caught on the demonstration have been caught at their homes. At the moment over 25 anarchists are sentenced to 5-15 days of prison to keep them away from further demonstrations.


Today, the 25th of march, a great demonstration will take place in the capital of Belarus. You are not alone. All over the world freedom-loving people feverishly await the fall of Lukaschenko and his regime. Anti-national solidarity with all fighting people in Belarus, freedom for the prisoners!

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Anarchistische Gruppe Dortmund, 25. März 2017