[Belarus] Trial marathon in Belarus - 52 people jailed - Interview with activist

court minsk in by police injured person

The 16 march was a marathon of trials in Belarus. Over 50 court hearings took place indifferent cities and 52 protesters are jailed. After the violent detention of the anarchist block, its supporters and bystanders after the demonstration on 15 march in Minsk and the detentions of people after demonstrations in other cities yesterday 52 people were sentenced from 12 to 15 days in prison, at least 25 anarchist among them.

The charges were resistance of the detention and masking at the demonstration. The idea behind those sentences is to keep people in prison the next two weeks, because there are more demonstrations announced.


Right now over 160 journalist, anarchists, opposition politicians and people joining the demonstrations are sentenced to fines or short prison term. The numbers are rising daily.


Radiodreyeckland made yesterday an interview with an activist from Belarus who is now in Minsk. He gave a short overview about the situation and the context of the protest and what to expect further on. (The interview is only in German language.)


*The picture shows one of the arrested in the court in Minsk, injured by the police.


More Information about Repression in Belarus: https://abc-belarus.org (engl./russ.)