Australian Conservation Foundation vs Adani – in court today

Today we’re back in court challenging the federal government’s approval of Adani’s giant polluting coal mine.  It’s our appeal hearing challenging the government’s approval of the mine. When it comes to our air, water and wildlife, this is the biggest court challenge since they tried to dam the Franklin River. We don’t accept that our government can ignore the impact 4.6 billion tonnes of pollution will have on our Great Barrier Reef. They're using the drug dealer’s defence – if Australia doesn't let Adani dig up coal to burn it, some other country will. It’s time the Turnbull government takes responsibility for the damage this stuff does. The drug dealer's defence is a sham. With your support, we’ll be arguing before the full bench of the Federal Court that Adani’s mine will wreck our reef.


This is an historic case and the ultimate test of our environment laws. If they can’t protect our reef from its biggest threat – global warming – they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

If we win this case, it will set a precedent – no government will be able to wave through another coal project without considering the impact the coal pollution will have on our Great Barrier Reef.

We’re taking on the government and the big polluters in court because we, the people, have to stop them. Coal pollution is damaging our climate, fuelling heatwaves and bushfires, hurting communities and bleaching our reef.

This week, the government’s own data came out and shows Australia’s climate pollution is rising. And coral scientists are warning the next wave of bleaching is just around the corner.

But instead of leading on cutting pollution and shifting to clean energy, the Turnbull Government is hellbent on pandering to big polluters. They want to hand over a billion dollars of public money to Adani and corrupt our Clean Energy Finance Corporation by using it to fund coal.

Australians want leadership and representatives who act for people, not big polluting companies. We have to hold the Turnbull Government to account.

Coal pollution is a clear and present danger to life. We can’t let Adani build this mine and fuel dangerous global warming and an unsafe future.

Can you chip in to cover the costs of our court case so we can hold the government to account?

Kelly O'Shanassy
Chief Executive Officer

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2017 is the year that we stop Adani and keep the Galilee Basin coal in the ground to protect the Reef and our future.


To do this, we're taking on Westpac and making sure they rule out funding this disastrous project and climate-wrecking fossil fuels once and for all.


Come and find out how you can be part of this movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground and supercharge the transition to 100% renewable energy.


Join us this Sunday for AYCC's first welcome for 2017 and our #stopadani campaign launch.


WHERE: Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish lane, South Brisbane

WHEN: Sunday March 5th, 2017 at 5-8pm (THIS SUNDAY!)

WHAT: Campaign launch where you can find out about AYCC and our plans to #stopadani and how you can take part

WHO: Anyone (under 30) who is keen to be part of our movement to solve the climate crisis

FOOD: There will be a food truck at Wandering Cooks where you can buy burgers and chips (they're around $10)

RSVP: Make sure to RSVP here 


We can't wait to see you there, to make a plan to work together in 2017 to keep the Galilee Basin coal in the ground!


If you have any questions, contact Hannah at


See you on Sunday.

Hannah and Margot, AYCC Queensland

P.S. If you haven't already, sign the petition asking Westpac to rule out investing in Adani's Galilee Basin mines. 


The Australian Youth Climate Coalition · Australia 

You can also keep up with Hannah and Margot, AYCC Queensland on Facebook.    

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