Break isolation! Support the protest of refugees. Come all to camp horst at 03.03.

Break Isolation!

We call to 03.03.2017 at 16:00 h., to support the political struggle of refugees, they have to stay in the prison like camp in horst. Since the early 1990s exist this refugeecamp, placed in a old barrack. Since then, its always criticized because of inhuman conditions. There exists disastroustly medical care (in consequence of this, a women had a death birth in 2010), bad food, marginally existing education, refused visitation rights and permanent control by the security company „Exsiro“. People who have to stay there have no contact to communitys, supporters and lawyers because of the isolated situation in mecklenburg-vorpommern, far away from any towns.


They are exposed to a racist asylum policy. They have to stay there for eight months or longer under control by BAMF (authority for migration and refugees), in permanent fear to be deported or pushed back in a other european country. This camp is typical for the german asylum system, where refugees are administrated by a total institution with the ambition to get a low accepting rate.

Through the demoralizing daily routine in the camp, its impossible for refugees to keep motivation to fight for their rights. Also refugees can be deported and pushed back in other european countrys, unseen by the public. Hamburg is joint using horst, mecklenburg-vorpommern use it in addition to practise deportations. A large section of the refugees there have to wait for their deporation or the pushback in an other european country, whats often identical to a deportation.


A few days ago refugees inside the camp startet to express their protest. They dont want to accept the disastroustly conditions and the fear, to get deported. They need good medical care and save prospects. They aim:


The refugee camp in Nostorf/Horst is an isolated camp, faraway from Towns and very less posibilities to get in contact with lawyers and free legal advisors, doctors, supporters and social organisations including organisations from the countries where refugees come from.

For refugees, especially those who are new in Germany, this takes away the chances to get their legal rights. Germany has signed and ratified most of Human Rigths International Conventions to safe the rights of human beings gauranteed also in the German Basic Law.

The situation in the camp in Nostorf/Horst is in contradictory to this. Normally this camp has to be closed. Up to the time this camp is closed, the following things have to be changed at once:

  1. Isolation:

Isolation must be broken, therefor there should be free entrance for legal advisors, social supporters, refugee organisations and friends of refugees. There should be also enhanced mobility facilities by providing refugees with free monthly tickets to visit lawyers, legal advisors, doctors and other organisations specially those who are from countries where refugees come. 

  1. Medical Care:

The communication between refugees and doctors is very bad and must be strongly developed. Proper translaters must be hired and be present during the times doctors are in the camp. The doctors should also listen patiently to refugees and should not ingnore documents of the refugees from other doctors even if they are in a different language. These kind of documents should be translated by translaters in the camp and what are in the documents should be used for the medical care. If necessary introduce them to specialists outside the camp.

  1. Food:

First there should be posibilities for cooking and if not for all:

- for pregnant women,

- for children, and

- for ill people.

The current food is not healthy and must be better for all. Food should be fresh with more vegitibles and a greater variarity. There should be posibilities to take for to the rooms, in any case for children, pregnant women and ill people and also others. The refugees should not pay any money when they ask for more food or other facilities such as glasses etc...

  1. Free Wifi for all houses 24 hours:

If not possible, the canteen should be open all the day and night. The problems of networking must be solved.

  1. School and lecturer for German Language:

Qualified lecturers for adults and regular school for children outside the camp.

We want to be respected as human beings and treated in accordance to our human rights.“

(refugees of horst, 02.2017)


We call to support the protest in the camp Horst at 03.03. at 16:00 h. Let us break the isolation and to enable their struggle.


You can arrive with cars, adress: Nostorfer Straße 1 in 19258 Nostorf. If you travel by public transportation service, be careful. In this area are organized nazi scum.

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Arrival in cars: 14:30 from S-Sternschanze. If you have space in you car, please take other persons with you. We try to organize more cars.


The shortest way is the A25 and B5.

Take B4, A25 and B5 to LWL1 in Nostorf.