Mission Statement

In hard times independent media is required...

Indymedia is a decentrally organised, worldwide network of social movements. The platform indymedia.org provides these movements with the possibility to spread - free from statecontrols and capitalistic interests - reports, experiences, analysis, dreams and opinions to build a counter-public. Through Indymedia we are able to write our history ourselves: Movements get to leave traces of their passion for future generations because forgotten struggles are lost struggles.


Indymedia is a weapon for the social struggle, which gets sharper with every use. With "Indymedia linksunten" we want to appropriate this weapon of subversion. Solidarity, respect and mutual aid are the foundations of our struggle for emancipation and autonomy. We want to live out our creativity, pass on our knowledge and learn from each other, we want popular education.


We want to act on various levels of which the internet - albeit important - is only one. However, political projects in the internet are exposed to miscellaneous attacks. Therefore we have to protect our platform and if necessary will delete, censor or hide postings in accordance the editorial policy. It is our aim to make this process transparent, while self-critically reflecting the responsibility of power.


We want to empower the movements within linksunten (literally: down left, also means the area of south west Germany) and give them the possibility to put their local struggles into a global context. Our aim is a vivid network with a strong local anchorage. We organise ourselves with the principles of grass-roots democracy and make decisions with the principle of consensus with mailinglists and regular local meetings. We attribute a special importance to face-to-face made decisions. Indymedia linksunten is an open project, which invites others not only to take part in the internet but also in real life. If you are interested in participating, just come to one of our meetings, write us an email or meet us in our chatroom…


Abajo y a la izquierda está el corazón — siamo tutti indymedia !

Harte Zeiten erfordern unabhängige Medien — vers beaux temps !


As at August 24th 2008