Athens: Teachers break inside state’s TV-station

Greek TV moderator

On 00:18 the clashes' voices from inside the studio, where the "Live News" take place, reach the screen and the continuation of the "normal program" on the government's TV-station has to be stopped. Unemployed Teachers enter the building and take what they must be given without payment: The free speach of Information Media on their own hands and the humanity's inventions in the hands of the society, serving the daily needs and unrests of the people.


Without any piece of the global economical oligarchy's propaganda.


22:30 gr. time

40-60 unemployed teachers have broke inside the government TV-station asking to have an open discussion with the education minister. The live-news were stopped. Riot-cops inside and around the building. Several teachers are heavily beaten up by the pigs.


At the moment: about 1000 anarchists and teachers have gathered at the square of Agia Paraskevi district and they march towards above mentioned TV-station. Passengers and car drivers who face the demonstration rise up their fists in the air! One teacher who is in the TV-station appeared on TV for short time. But not live, he was recorded inside the studio after asking to discuss On Air with the Education's Minister Mrs Diamantopoulou. The teachers were allowed to speak only for one minute with blood on their heads because of the Cop Forces' violence. After a call by the teachers from inside the TV-station that they need help because they get beaten up by riot cops, about 1000 people were gathering for a demonstration in solidarity with them in front of the government's TV-station channel, named ERT.


After several terrorizing and body harm actions against citizens by the Special Pig Forces, the teacher get allowed to speak only for 1 minute about the austerity economical effects that are forced by the IMF and EU. The teachers' position (translation from the video above on which is shown the brutality of "Western Democracy's" repression forces):


“We are members of the Teachers' with Limited Working Rights Coordination and the Pan-Hellenic Union of Unemployed Teachers. We decided to come hear today, in the studios of the government's TV-station, for two reasons: The first one is that for six months now the Mass Media keep silent about the government's economical measures. And the second one is that we want to break, in praxis the monologe of Education's Ministry, the monologe of Mrs. Diamantopoulou who keeps silent about the multi-law agreement that wants to be voted and destroys the public and uncomercial education. We were "welcomed" inside and outside the studio by a team of MAT (Unions of Order Recovery) ready to beat us up. We condemn both the Education Ministry and the NET-channel Authorities for the certain event: You see that there are spots of violence on us.


The government brings the "Stability Program" in reality by packing more than 30 students in each classroom and keeping out of schools some thousands of unemployed educators. The "New School" like the government wants to name it, in reality it is not new at all. It is really old and brings us back in time. It will be against the needs and the rights of the society in Greece. Against the workers, the parents, the students, the teachers. The government calls us to pay for the cost of Education. Calls you the parents, your children who study, us who teach. After the multi-law of Mrs. Diamantopoulou we get dismissed; she fires around 17.000 teachers who are paid by hour or are temporary employed! We thought that we were the minority, but as it seems we become the majority after they brought the IMF to us, which will result in increase of poverty and unemployment of thousands of workers. Everybody on the streets to block the economical measures, kick out IMF and all those who brought it here. Tomorow we demonstrate to block the economical measures that destroy the Education System. On Wednesday 5th of May everybody is striking, nobody works. We gather infront of the Archeological Museum at 11:00 to block the economical measures.

We step out on the streets, we rise up!”

Videos and photographs on the following links: Views from inside the studio where the teachers ask for open talk with the minister on air and take decisions on collective bases:


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