Assassination of young antifascist in Finland.


On 10 september during a march against refugees organized by Nazi group Suomen Vastarintaliike (SVL) a young anti-fascist, Jimi Joonas Karttunen, was violently attacked by a group of demonstrators.


The neo-fascists have then published on their website (now closed) a text in which they asserted it was as an "act of discipline" against those who came to challenge their presence. They even posted some photos and videos of the aggression in which can be seen Jimi bloody on the ground. Brought to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness Jimi died last Friday 16 september for the hemorrhage caused by beating. The SVL is part of NMR (group of Nordic resistance), a coordination of nostalgic for the Third Reich among the most violent of Europe that is not new to attacks of this kind - there are more than eighty from 2010, including a brutal attack against the gay pride of Helsinki. SVL entertains fruitful links with Casa Pound Italy The founder of the Group of the Italian neo-fascist, Gianluca Iannone, was invited in 2011 in Helsinki for a "Seminar" in which he instructed the Finnish fascists. Still a murder in Europe by small groups of cowards pampered by TV and politicians. R.I.P. Jimi!

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Rest in peace, Jimi.