No Border Camp Muenster 2016

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Call – No Border Camp * 15.-24. Juli 2016 * Münster (Westfalen) (Deutsch)
Freedom of Movement and the right of abode for everyone are two sides of the same coin. Both claims are directed against a system of repression, restriction and administration of human lives.


The framework for this system is constituted by an economy which places the accumulation of profit over the dignity of every single human being and where the accumulation of profit can only be achieved via economic growth. This logic does not only apply to the external exploitation of nature and workforce, but it reaches humans in all their areas of life and in their behavioral patterns as well. Key terms such as pressure to perform, self-optimization and separation are just a three of the many examples that exist. The concept of the welfare state is failing – not only in the south of Europe – and the preservation of state power as well as the justification of state legitimacy is assured by the creation of enemy images which come along with an extension of administrative and executive competences by a police apparatus. Stereotyped ideas of gender, racism and surveillance are remobilized, in order to control the society.


Social struggles in the form of insurrections, campaigns, movements and camps critically put this into question. They share the focus on social relations, which return human signification and a creative power back to individuals. In times of abstract work and self-management, the social cooperation of humans is recaptured in collective spaces in forms of insurrections and camps and is lived through self-organization and consensual decision-making.

Therefore, we observe the preparations for the No Border Camps in Thessaloniki with excitement and enthusiasm. This occasion will gather different people from all over Europe and beyond in order to develop joint strategies against global and local injustice and to set up plans for an alternative way of living together at the same time. Due to the current situation in Europe and the world and due to limited financial, temporal and legal possibilities, only a few people from outside of Greece or Thessaloniki will be able to participate in the camp. Thus, we want to organize a No Border Camp in Münster, our town which is only broadly known for bicycles. The idea is to create some space to discuss and to exchange on site about the relations and contexts in which we are living. We hope that similar kinds of spaces will be established in other villages in northern Europe as well, in order to facilitate the participation for those, who do not have the temporal and financial resources to travel to Greece due to their dependencies or who are legally prevented from moving because of their unsettled residence permit status or a life in illegality.


Inspired by the energy that evolved in the context of the protest camps at the Wartburgschule in May 2015, we want to set up our tents again, get to know each other and work on joint strategies for an alternative way of living together.


With regards to content, we follow the wonderful call of the activists in Thessaloniki, who set up an impressive framework for the big No Border Camp in a nine-page paper. Referring to open borders, we defend the opinion that these should be linked to a strong position in favor of secure perspectives of the right of abode for everyone. We would like to discuss together how to get there and to exchange on different options of action. We cannot provide a recipe for success yet, but an indispensable requirement is that we talk to each other.

The camp will take place in a self-organized, anti-hierarchical and consensual way. At the same time, we take in consideration that also left-winged structures are surrounded by borders. Therefor we advocate that the political should remain up for dispute and should take place in a space which is error-friendly. However: racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminating and insulting behaviour is a no-go!


Let’s work together in order to develop alternatives of solidarity and lets start to live them instead of remain only dreaming of a better world and just criticizing the existing one! If you already have some ideas for workshops, events, raging concerts, fantastic parties over anything else – great! Start organizing it right now! Otherwise – pack your bag with good friends, smart contacts, ideas, sparkling enthusiasm, camping equipment and burning hearts and:

Yalla – Let’s camp!

No Border Camp Münster 2016,

We are aware of the fact that a camp in Münster is only the first step for enabling more and more people to participate in occasion of exchange. Therefore we would be very happy if also people and groups in other cities take initiative and set up further camps – because that’s all it takes!


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