Aktion 2. September - Podiumsdiskussion & 1. Treffen

Aktion 2. September

16th of june//So36 (Oranienstr./Kreuzberg)


19:00 – 20:00

“The fight against the right and the social question – How do we go on the offensive together?”

With Aufstehen gegen Rassismus, Berlin Migrant Strikers, What the Fuck et al.


20:15 – 21:15

Launch meeting for “Action 2nd of September”

We'll organise and plan a blockade in front of the Ministry of Employment (Arbeitsministerium), de-central actions across the city, assemblies and events etc.


Why an action on 2nd of September? It's been too long since we've been visible on the streets together. At the same time, we've been making our solidarity practical, day to day, whether in welcome initiatives for refugees or at border fences across Europe. We continue to fight with our European friends against a crisis regime – a regime that has caused so much poverty and exclusion, insecurity and fear. In a Europe where the populist right and fascist parties are on the rise, the direct result of competition and social division, the direct result of a supposed “there is no alternative” mantra, protecting the rights of the strong. The authoritarian politics of impoverishment and precarisation is a breeding ground for the far right.


The Department of Employment (Arbeitsministerium) is a symbol of the politics of division. The social devastation of southern Europe finds its forerunner in the Agenda 2010. Currently, laws affecting receivers of social benefits (Hartz-IV) are being tightened. Social welfare will only be available to EU-migrants after five years of paid employment in Germany. Competition and the struggle for resources in the low-wage sector are becoming racistly charged.


We've had enough! Enough of the politics of exclusion, marginalisation, poverty and rat-race competition. Let's seek political confrontation and defend social rights beyond borders. Let's make solidarity visible and reject the technocratic centre as well as the right. Let's turn the call to action from the coalition “Aufstehen gegen Rassismus” (Rise up Against Racism) into a nationwide weekend of action and play our part towards it. Blockupy goes Berlin!


Let's make a point on the morning of 2nd September in front of the Department of Employment in Berlin. We'll tear down the inner and outer borders together that divide us all. Wherever we come from, however long we've been in this city or on this patch of earth, we will stand up together in Berlin. On 3rd September we want to send a strong message – against borders, against right-wing hate, and against the social conditions that breed it.


The first groups and people in Berlin have already started coming together to prepare an initiation meeting for the days of action in September. Because one thing is clear: we can't do it alone. It only works if we're all in it together. We invite you to take part and bring the platform “Action 2nd of September” to life, which will prepare the protest actions in Berlin.


See you at the meeting! See you on the streets!


Blockupy Platform Berlin


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