Fundraising for No Border Camp

Fundraising Thessaloniki

Help us raise 10.000€ for self-organised structures for refugees after the eviction of Idomeni! Food, medical and legal help is needed around Thessaloniki! People left everything they had behind. Thousands overcame fences and borders, facing many barriers, violence and the gatekeepers of the EU who then decide who is allowed to enter and who should drown in the Mediterranean sea. After the closing of the Macedonian border and the deal between the turkish government and the european union the situation in Thessaloniki even got worse. Specially after the eviction of Idomeni the situation of refugees and supporters became even more precarious.


Thessaloniki is one of the hotspots of Europe’s border regime. At the same time, it is hosting numerous solidarity groups, squatted houses for those forced to live on the streets and thousands of refugees stuck on their way north and so it has become a cetral place of resistance against the European fortress. From July the 15th till the 24th the NoBorder-Camp of Tessaloniki will take place, where we will support the self-organized structures and share inforamtions of the ongoing antirascist struggles.


Together with you we want to show practical solidarity by actively supporting all self-organised antiracist structures that are already struggling everyday against the inhumane and repressive border regime, to support them and to talk about how we can translate these structures into sustainable supporting mechanisms. With your donated money you will support two projects: the self-organized structure of Mikropolis-social space for all. Here food, medical and legal help is offered. The second project is the organization of the NOBORDER-CAMP.


With 100$ we prepare food for 200 people a day.
With 250$ we buy a huge tent (5m x 15m)
With 500$ we organize vaccinations for 25 children.


Thank you all for the donations.

We will continue our stuggle for open borders for the refugees.
We will continue the solidarity.


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Rote Hilfe Dresden
Subject: Soliparty No-Border-Camp
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