[Athens] Gathering in solidarity with the Occuppied Gini Building

Im Tränengasnebel

On Tuesday morning 31/5/2016 an employee of the Athens Polytechnic School (NTUA) showed up at the entrance of the Occuppied Gini Building in order to deliver an announcement of the rectorate, thus making official the threats of eviction that had already been addressed verbally to us over the last period, by the guards of the Polytechnic, the administrative personnel, and even a spokesman of the Afghan community in Greece who attempted to approach the migrants hosted in the Occuppied Gini Building, claiming that he was following orders by the Ministry of Education.


According to the university's announcement: “... restoration works on the facades' decorative elements will urgently take place” as well as “... disinfection works, so that the scheduled exams of the Institution's Faculties start on 6/6/2016.”

This development comes at a time when an intensified militarisation of the territory controlled by the Greek State is underway, only a few days after the eviction of Idomeni camp, and while thousands of migrants have been transferred to concentration camps and detentions centres under miserable and humiliating conditions, facing further exclusion and persecution, more or less as if they were the human waste of our times. The university's authorities once again confirm their complicity with the rest of the noble repressive institutions of the Greek democracy, the army, the police, the mass media, but also the parastatal mechanisms that lurk in the streets of urban centres and the province, manhunting those without papers, those that speak broken or no Greek at all, those that were either dislocated or exiled from their origin places as a consequence of the everyday violence exercised by the economic and war machinery of those in Power.

From our part we will not comment on the rectorate's urgency to restore the building. Nevertheless we cannot but comment on the language of Power, when they speak of “disinfection works”. We declare that we will not permit entry to any disinfection crew (with or without uniform) and we will defend the occupation until the end. We will continue contaminating the social body with the virus of solidarity, dignity and insurrection, against the employees of the State, the Capital and domination, against the world of borders and national discriminations.


Rectors, the squat at Gini building will stay

No one can extinguish the flame we've lit

Anarchist resistance everywhere!


Occupied Gini Building

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