Greek Revolt (12th, 13th, 14th & 15th March 2010)


" ... Mother, I will not sit on my ass to become a houseman,

slave and servant, submissive of the lords.

Give me the light sword and the heavy rifle,

to run up to the mountains and join my comrades ..."


Friday 12th March 2010


  • The trial of the fascists about the events of the past days in Chania town on Crete island started today. Among them a well-known fascist Mr Karefylakis, responsible for organizing many fascistic teams in the town who act against immigrants and people who support the immigrants. The fascists are already sure that they will not be judged after being backed up by Nea Dimokratia and LAOS (right wing and fascistic parliament parties) who are involved in para-judge cycles.
  • The Confederation of Blind People condemns the pigs that they sprayed tear-gas in front of their faces during the General Strike demonstration in Athens, despite that the pigs could make out that the protestors of the certain block were blind because of the well-known white sticks they used to hold on their hands.
  • The rectorship of the Polytechnical University in Athens called for a senate after many pressures from students because of the entrence of cops in the Campus of Zografou district on 21st February (watch older update). The announcement:


 Decision of Rectors' Senate in National Metsovian Polytechnical University, Athens

 12th March 2010

 We are witnessing a period when the government takes a frontal assault against the rights of youth and workers. On the opposite side has already become apparent the social discontent (de: Mißfallen) which is reflected in the mass struggles and strikes throughout the latter period.

 The attack on Asylum is part of the government policy and it is part of the plan is to remove social achievements (de: erlangd -?-).

 The Asylum is a historical achievment and had an important role for the struggles after the fall of the military junta. As this is non-negotiable for the entire academic community and therefore must be condemned, from any part of the Academic Community, any police intervention in asylum areas; interventions which can happen from the police authorities after the law of Ms Giannakou.

 The Polytechnichal Community with full awareness (de: in Kenntnis) of the deserved political responsibility and under the fact that we have defended the Asylum during limit and critical situations, both for the building complex at Patission Street and for the Polytechnical Campus in Zografou district, after the recent events on Sunday 21st February, we state that:

 A. The invitation of police forces does not face the alleged (de: angeblichen) violent actions by unknown persons which take place in the Institutions. In contrast, it upgrades the feeling of fear in the Higher Educational Institutes and contributes to the upgrading of repression and debate on the need for removal of Asylum law.

 B. The decisions to break the University Asylum require the consent of the Senate (collective expression of the university community). The assignment (de: Abtretung) of the decisions' rights to the Rector Shapes according to the Framelaw of Ms Giannakou is a trap and must not be applied.

 C. The certain decision of the Rectorship on 21st February can not and also must not create a precedent. Because there is a risk to get to what was experienced recently in the German Universities, namely braking the Asylum against the student and popular movement and the free movement of ideas.

 D. The polytechnical community will not tolerate any discussion of abolishing or restricting Asylum.



Saturday 13th February 2010


  • Actions on the Exarcheia square against heroin dealers and other state repression methods still go on. And to remind for one more time: after the election of the new social-democratic government in October, the Exarcheia district were occupied by special pigs' forces any single night. After the resistance of the residents to this occupation, the government decided to move the heroin dealing in Exarcheia. We shall not also forget the cases that some kilos of heroin were also found on war-ships of NATO.
  • Info Demonstration through the district of Chalandri against the government's and EU's economical measures. In the action participated out-parliamentary communistic organizations and residents of the neighbourhood.



  • Intervention in a speech of Anna Diamantopoulou, education minister, by unpaid and unemployed educators. The fiesta of the minister had to make with the new laws for the education stractures she wants to vote, a new stracture that gives less money for education and employes less teachers. On the video, one of her body-guards tries to push away the protestors and his gun appears on common view.



  • Intervention in front of a church in Ioannina town. The protestors rised plakats asking for the church fund property to be transfered to the public sector and ceperate the churche's relationships with the government.
  • Action in Thessaloniki in memoriance of anarchist Lambros Fountas, killed by cops on 10th March 2010. 10 luxurious, government and privete security services vehicles were looted all around the town.



Sunday 14th March 2010


  • Free translation from anarchy press:


"Crowd Management ", another name for repression.

  Practical and immediately began to be expressed the solidarity of Chancellor Merkel and the German state to Georgey (Greek priminister) and the Greek state.

 That's why today departed for Berlin the head of Greek Police Mr E. Oikonomou and the director of Special Violence Crimes' Treatement Division (anti-terrorist division) Mr Alkiviadis Tzoitis, in order to meet in the base of German Federal Police for Crime's Prosecution with their counterparts there "to exchange experiences and lessons for dealing on topics about models of big cities' policing, the organization and function of police units for searching and investigating serious forms of organized crime and terrorism, the protection of VIP's, as well as best practices regarding the management of a large number of protests and demonstrations".

 What seems to be in their immediate priorities, is directly related to the "management of the crowd" of the oppressed people and they are well aware that soon they will be kicked away by this crowd ... But the plans always fail as the people's wisdoms say and especially when these plans are published shamelessly ...

 Also this visit can not be considered as irrelevant by the analysis of the staffs of those in power, which show that the confrontational mood of the people is already in high levels.

 It would be wise from the side of the managers of powers to know that it will not be possible to "manage" the crowd and to suppress the anger of the oppressed people, when the anger will explode ...



Monday 15th March 2010


  • The fascistic attacks on Creta island still go on. Early in the mourning fascists looted immigrants' cars.
  • Workers of Public Electricity Company squatted symbolically the offices of OAED (public job office) in Alimos district of Athens, Ptolemaida town and Megalopoli. The workers condemn their wage and pensions cut-outs, stating also that the government dismisses workers while the working hours of employes get more and more. The workers also announced a 48-hours on 16th and 17th of March.
  • The building of Imathia Prefecture in Veroia town squatted since early in the mourning from workers of United Textiles who are not paid for the last 12 months of their work. They also ask for the factories to start functioning again condemning the bosses that made profits against them and then shut down the business. The workers will also squat the building tomorrow. Meanwhile their co-workers of ELITE shoe factory are unemployed for four months now despite the government's promises that the shoe factory would not be closed.
  • The doctors of Aglaia Kyriakou Children's Hospital in Athens and University Hospital in Larissa town under job retention since today. The doctors are not payed since November for their extra hours, when the hospitals are open during nights etc. They also condemn the lack of doctors, nurses and equipment in the hospitals which get under danger the lives of patients. On 24-hours strike tomorrow the nurses all around Greece against the cut-outs of their wages and condemning the lack of nurses in hospitals all around Greece.
  • The Federation of Benzin-stations Owners announced a 24-hours strike on 18th of March.
  • Wine producers and wine traders blocked the Corinthe - Tripolis Highway at Nemea town condemning economical facts of their sector and the lack of state support to farmers.
  • 5 persons of the 11 arrested during the General Strike demonstration in Athens are accused with heavy crimes. One of them must stay in pre-jail custody according to the "hoodie-law" which was voted by the last government. The judge authorities decided to pre-jail him despite the fotos which prove that on the time of his arrest his face was not covered.

 Fotos of the certain arrets, the guy with the rasta, scroll down:

 Video of the certain arrest, 2'32" - 2'46":

 Fotos - Video (In front of the prosecutor's office today while the arrested comrade was stepping in front of the "justice" authorities. The pigs did not hesitate to attack against the protestors and let the blood of one of them run on the ground):