HH: Eco supermarket looted

Eat the Rich

Denn's Markt (a chain of eco supermarkets in Germany) in Altona, Hamburg was looted and lost a few shopping bags of shelf-weight (30/04/2016). We are against a world, in which people are divided into winners and loosers. In which a few are very rich, while most others barely can afford to eat.


Way too much in our lives is depending on us having enough money and us being functional in the service of others. A few individuals decided to not play along with this anymore, to, without asking - or without even paying - simply just take that, which otherwise is reserved for the winners of society. To take without asking - looting and stealing the goods and the money, that belongs to the holiest things of this society order - is one way to attack exactly these circumstances. It's not about making oneself rich or wanting a just system. It's about the social revolution.

Fuck the city of the rich.

Take what you want and take back your life!


For documentation of the action: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/177464

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the last lootings in greece took place as part of anti-austerity protests this year minimum one time in volos and minimum 3 times in a SUBURB of athens in greece people look for supermarkets that are close to (flea)market places, because to poor people hang out there they distribute the goods here is old stuff from salonika: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th8HKoC-kPs more to find here https://en-contrainfo.espiv.net/tag/super-market-action/