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"Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day,

teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity."


So ... what's your price?


 - Carl Barx


Tuesday 9th March 2010


  • Announcement, anarchists from Aigaleo, west Attica:



 from December 2008 to Spring of 2010 ...

 It is obvious that the bosses are not bankrupt. And, in the middle of the crisis, there is no question to raise the taxation on business or prohibit the export of capital. Along with the looting of the "lower" classes, it is also promoted the proletarianization against parts of the middle class.


 It is obvious that the Greek state may herald (de: proklamieren) a possible bankruptcy but at the same time 15,000 more police officers get in assistance. The government is requesting also assistance with police from other European countries who want to shield the capitalist aggression.


 It is obvious that the left mediation indicates (de: erklärt) its willingness to use up any momentum (de: Leistungsfähigkeit). The Communist Party, in daily time through PAME, down on the streets is trying to realize (de: verwiklichen) its through-out years high expectations of exit from the EU under the motto: only if Greece will leave the EU can the unpopular measures be blocked. Invests now in a unique opportunity to broaden its base. SYRIZA is putting aside the dead-ends of its ragged references and indicates its presence in the downtown of Athens and in the neighborhoods around, trying cowardly to draw (de: schöpfen) political surplus value(de: Mehrwert) with the substitution (de: Ersetzung) from the social-democratic deficit (de: Defizit) of PASOK.


 It is obvious that the syndicalistic mediation is missing (de: gedacht), which is charged to the political crisis of legitimacy of the system.


 It is obvious that the mass media support the sovereign choices as an intensiv part of them. By using a blank (de: ungeladen) polemic to government announcements, distortion of social reactions, hidding of events, refraction of resistances.


 It is obvious that the upcoming revolt is already here. The political and social mediations are "convincing" (de: überzeugen) only itself, are trying to screw on the sofa the endangered (de: bedenklich) petty bourgeoisism (de: Kleinbürgertum) or fence (de: umzäunen) behind banal (de: Gemeinplatz) plakats the members and the edges of the organizations. The overwhelming resisting majority evades (de: entgeht) from these obvious elements straightly out on the streets. The people declare an aggressive and uncompromising disobedience.


 What is not obvious - burried under tones of burgeois propaganda - is an antiauthoritarian project (de: Entwurf) on the streets, neighborhoods, workplaces, at any spot affected by the state capitalist attack. It is needed an intensification (de: Requirierung) of political and social presence, not as a supplement (de: Ergänzung) to the left mediation - that on one hand steps out on the streets with tense practice, but on the other hand steps with hostile (de: feindlich) inhalts for the social liberation - but as a selfworth (de: Selbstwert) with benchmarks (de: bezüglich Punkte) to the self-organization, the inmediative struggle and solidarity. December 2008 has already evinved the potentials of an antiauthoritarian subversive (de: umstürzlerisch) word. Spring of 2010 requires the broadening of subversive inhalts, the unlimited intensity and extent of the liberatory project, the expansion of liberalized spaces and times and their social safeguarding (de: Sicherung).


 During these days the biggest enemy of the oppressed people is their own inertia (de: Untätigkeit).


  • Conflicts at Pireaus TEI (Technical University) between anarchists and members of the youth of KKE (communistic parliament party). The youth of KKE started preaching, under their usual feeling of conspiracy tales, in the student assembly of University sectors about the real-political ID of the anarchists who were participating. The parliamentary "revolutioners" of KKE reached the point to characterize as "fans of PASOK" the people who do not participate in the block of PAME (syndicalistic organization of KKE). Many people responded with throwing coffee and plastic water bottles against them. Just to remind about the youth of KKE, their participation in December 2008 was on the level of zero with demonstrations away from the events and away from the open assemblies of the revolting people; also some members of KKE in the parliament have stated that "December was a riot made by provocateurs and during the real revolution not even a single glass will be broken". During the past years, there were many times that KNE (youth of KKE) has acted on the side of repression against social movements. We shall not forget also, that the first people who occupied the Polytechnical University in Athens on 17th November 1973 were also characterized as "provocateurs" from the leadership of KKE.
  • Workers of United Textiles occupied the Prefecture building of Veroia town asking for their money that have already worked for. Such an action happened also on Thursday beside other mobilization actions in the town of Komotini by members of the same union. (watch older update)
  • Expropriation of basic needs' products by the Poors' Robin Hoods around 12:00 in Kaisariani district of Athens at Sklavenitis Super Market. The food was given for free to people who were close to the spot in an open air market. Many information leaflets were also thrown around. The cops arrived later, so none person was arrested.
  • Clashes between neo-nazis and people from the anarchist/leftist link at the town of Chania on Crete island. The nao-nazi members of EOX (Nationalistic Organization Chania) were promoting xenophobic leaflets against immigrants when they met with a team of the link who were promoting the General Strike on the 11th of March. Small clashes and chase started between the two teams until the neo-nazis got blocked at a cafe. There, some stones flew on them and one of the nazis took a knife out of his pocket and tried to move against the leftists. People from the neighbourhood also gathered in solidarity against the shitheads and kept them trapped at the cafe condemning the continues racistic attacks in the town.
  • Clashes in Kavala town on Sunday between protestors and special pigs' forces. A fighting answer against NATO's and goverment's plans to turn the port of Kavala into a base of the imperialist murders of NATO. The US war frigate "FFG32 John L. Hall" sailed into the port for two days in a try of the US government to check the folk's reactions. The authoritans of the town used to say to the citizens that the 200 sailors of the frigate will bring money for the society, element that was answered negative by the people because, as they state, the troops' money has human blood on them. We shall not forget also the mobilizations in Greece against wars since the past years, when some hundred of thousands were demonstrating on the streets against the wars in Gaza, Iraq, Yugoslavia. We shall not also forget the facts that heroin packages were found on NATO war-ships.



Wednesday 10th March 2010


  • Early in the mourning pigs opened fire for one more time inside the populated district of Dafne in Athens. As the pigs report, the two men who were spoted by the pigs responded to the gun fires. One of the persons who was killed on the spot was "known to the authorities since the anarchists'  clashes at the Polytechnical University of Athens in 1995". According to the pig reports, a granade and a Magnum (or Zastava) were found next to him and 4 buds of guns were also transfered to the laboratories of the (anti)terrorist authorities. The second person escaped from the pigs. On the spot was (by luck?) present a well-known mouthpiece of the pigs journalist, Mr. Balaskas, who stated on ET3 government TV-station: "I saw the dead person, he had a style reminding of the East Block wearing boots and tight trousers, for sure he was a criminal". The Mass Media, mostly with the help of television, keep on their work which reminds of gravediggers: They published the name and the fotograph of the asassined person and call the people to give more information (de: Denunziant) about him to the authorities
  • Information action with loud-speaker in the district of Ampelokipi, Athens, for the mobilization of residents to participate in the General Strike of 11th March.
  • For one more day, the Exarcheia district in Athens got occupied by special pigs' forces (MAT, units of order recovering). Around 11:30 several teams of pigs marched through the district. The residents ran away from them, hiding inside cafes and their homes. Today is also organized the weekly assembly of Exarcheia inhabitants on the square of the district. As it seems, the actions of the people's assembly who try to get rid off the heroin dealers (cops' best friends) have bothered the pig authorities who want to keep selling heroin.
  • General Strike mobilization action in the Town Hall of Irakleio on Crete island. Thousands of information leaflets were spreaded to the people around calling them to rise up against the government's and EU's economical measures.



  • General Strike mobilization actions against the government's and EU's economical measures on Aigina island by local struggling educators.
  • A prosecutor gave order to the pigs to attack the blockade of Panepistimiou avenue in Athens in front of State General Accounting Office, which is occupied since days by workers of Olympic Airways. Around 2000 people have gathered also in solidarity with them to keep the barricade. After it was confirmed from cop authorities that the special pigs' forces would not attack the nerves kept calm and 200 people wiill stay behind the barrickade until tomorrow.
  • The Initiative of Public and Privete Sectors Labor Unions, independent Union, squatted a government building in the town of Thessaloniki opening this way a space for assemblies and mobilizations for the General Strike on the 11th of March.
  • The Open School for Immigrants in Pireaus condemns the actions of Greek judge authorities who sentenced Ali Akbar, student of the school, in 5 months of imprisoning because "he entered illegaly into the country". Ali did not have of course the 2.877 euros for the sentence and now he is in danger to be imprisoned. For more information about the case and the situation of immigration in Greece contact: Stergios Andreopoulos, voluntier teacher in the school, 0030 - 6943107084 and Christos Alexandridis, member of the Studies' Commission, 0030 - 6937730170.
  • Mobilization actions with giant plakats on Acropolis and several other cultural buildings around different towns of Greece against the economical measures, actions by Communistic Organization of Greece (out-parliamentary).



  • Pensioners' protest in Chania of Crete against the government's economical measures. The protestors go one step further and ask for 1,120 euros monthly pension for everybody.
  • Gathering of people in front of the court in Chania town, while the neo-nazis, who were participating in the last day's events and also members of a team responsible for many other nazi attacks, were apologizing to the local prosecutor. The neo-nazis were set free ... and the slogan "the cops and judgmen are members of SS" was proved for one more time.
  • Squatted since the 8th of March the University building of Technology Fisheries & Aquaculture in the town of Moudania participating this way in the mobilizations for the General Strike. The students ask for the active solidarity of the whole educational society.


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