One Struggle - one fight!

#selforganization and perspectives of #resistance against #racism and social exclusion

In current social conditions people are facing different experiences of discrimination and exclusion. Higher and higher rents, #evictions, racial profiling and precarious labour conditions are pain in nearly everyone’s neck. 
Nevertheless- conditions are made by people and they can be changed by people. 
Self-organization means struggling for dignity and collective actions against oppression, exploitation and repression in times of neoliberalism. 

How can we combine different social movements and struggles? 
How should our solidarity work? Let’s gather, unite and strike!

07.04.2016 | 8.30 pm | Café Cralle | Hochstädter Straße 10a | 13347 Berlin

This event will be hosted in english, translation into german and spanish can be offered

Participating groups:
FAU Berlin/ foreigners section | 15M Marea Granate Berlin/ Oficina Precaria | Berlin Migrant Strikers (tba) Hände weg wom Wedding | | berlinmigrantstrikers.nobl| haendewegvomwedding.blogsp 

On April 30th we take the streets: “Organize- against racism and social exclusion”
4.30 pm | U-Bhf. Osloer Straße