Demonstration to the 4th anniversary of Burak Bektaş death

Wir fordern Aufklärung!

 Four years ago on the 5th of April 2012, Neukölln resident Burak Bektaş (22) was shot and killed in the streets by an unknown perpetrator. Two of his friends were severely injured but survived the shooting. Burak's murderer left the scene of the crime calmly, coldly and without a word. A similar shooting occurred in Neukölln on the 20th of September 2015. Here the victim was British citizen Luke Holland (31).


The police found Nazi banners and posters in the apartment of the alleged killer Rolf Z., which points to a right-wing motivation behind the murder. Both murders show similarities to the 2000-2007 anti-immigrant murder series of the NSU (so called "National Socialist Underground") - a white supremacist terrorist group. The police investigation has to look into these similarities. Are we witnessing a new form of right-wing/racist terror in Berlin-Neukölln?



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