Nuremberg: Military recruitment propaganda collected and destroyed

Bundeswehrpropaganda fachgemäß entsorgen 1

We collected approximately 2250 Bundeswehr (German national army) propaganda postcards that had been distributed in pubs and at fairs etc. The first thousand we properly disposed of with fire.


The Bundeswehr is a tool of German imperialism and brings death, exploitation and displacement all over the world. To weaken imperialism it is necessary to take action wherever you may be active. One way is destroying recruitment material and leaving no presence undisturbed at school or at career fairs to educate young people about the cruel and unfair life as a soldier of the warmongers.

In the Nuremberg region there have been many recent anti-militarist, anti-imperialist actions including a demonstration against the Bundeswehr on 09.12.15, some actions against the advertisting of BW on the bags of a large bakery chain and the mass collecting of BW advertising postcards. More actions will surely not be long in coming since this was only a small start.

On 20th February and from 27-28 February the Bundeswehr is represented at two regional vocational and career fairs. Keep an eye out for further announcements!

Fire to the Bundeswehr!
War against imperialist war!
Long live international solidarity!