linksunten server problems during the last few days

cable spaghetti

During the last few days Indymedia linksunten was really slow and sometimes unusable. We have searched all these days for the root cause of this problem and optimised our caching configuration while debugging. In the end it turned out that the server which hosts the linksunten server had a software problem. After the processes which ran riot have been restarted the website should be back to normal. We apologise for the time and the stress.

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no stress! you are not a service provider. we thank you for your work!


solidarity with all the unvisible people at the tech collectives. donate for more independence infrastrukture like, nadir, systemli, riseup, indymedia etc.

lasst euch nicht ärgern! ihr seit super. nazis aufs maul!

On the evening of the 25.02.2016 the problem resurfaced. This time not only the symptom but the undyerling root cause has been fixed.


Technical explanation: the cron job of a system service had been inadvertently set to a time interval which was too short. As a consequence, multiple instances of the service had been started which interfered. So the load on the host server rose and not enough cpu cycles were provided for the guest running linksunten. The time interval has been raised and the instances have been killed.