Chile: Phoenix Project – Incendiary attack against a security company by FAI-IRF

Proyecto Fenix

“That’s why; against the tyranny of the reality you have imposed on people I choose forever the magic realism of anarchy and revolution that’s never ending…” – Christos Tsakalos in his political declaration to the court for the third Conspiracy of Cells of Fire trial in Greece, 04.11.2015


Fighting for freedom includes combating the impunity of those who repress and monitor our lives.

We opened fire on 2016 during the night of Sunday, January the 3rd with a delayed activation incendiary device attack against the headquarters of ISP SERVICE S.A., a private security company founded by a former intelligence agent of the Chilean dictatorship who, like many other agents of dictatorial repression developed their own security business in the private sector once democracy arrived. Our fire managed to successfully damage part of the building’s facade on Lord Cochrane street in the center of Santiago.

We are aware that the companies of guards, cameras and surveillance are a profitable business based on the ideology of security that is promoted by the State / Capital and supported by the social majority who without questioning the discourses of power reproduce and defend the concept of Total Security satisfied that on each corner in every neighborhood more cameras, guards and police officers keep appearing.

With our incendiary insurgent fire under the noses of those who are monitoring we have demonstrated once again the vulnerability of the network of domination; enhancing our decisions, relations and daily praxis in the direct attack against the buildings, representatives, administrators and defenders of social control.

We have said it before and we will say it once more: the power is never invulnerable, the anarchist attack is always possible.

From the anti-authoritarian informality we organize ourselves without specialists, without leaders or hierarchies, to carry out the praxis of anarchist conspiracy against power, giving continuity through fire to the project of the Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front, because the FAI / IRF comes to live whenever any individual, cell or group creates with it’s own AUTONOMY the DIRECT ATTACK, without giving rise to doubts about their intentions, with actions that are accurate and not indiscriminate, with the SOLIDARITY and the anarchic INTERNATIONALISM being the essential elements of a liberating sedition without centers or periphery that breaks the oppressive normality and creates the perspective of Total Freedom in the here and now.

Actions such as this one motivate the planning of more and better explosions and fire against the misery of the established order, always remembering to combine the knowledge of how to make incendiary / explosive devices with the neccessary knowledge on how to detonate safely in the city and the right time to carry out conspiratorial clandestine action.

Let’s combine the diverse forms of struggle to demolish this and any other system of life based on power and exploitation!

We salute all those who responded with propaganda and action initiatives to the proposal for a Black December by the imprisoned comrades Nikos Romanos and Panagiotis Argirou in Greece. The impetus for action and debate does not stop, it continues and is planned and realized in strategies of struggle and more acts of insurrection that hinder and jeopardize the plans of power.

We salute each prisoner in struggle who remains dignified and consistent in the prisons of the civilized world.

We salute the struggle of the Mapuche warrior Matías Catrileo who was assassinated eight years ago (January 3rd, 2008) by the bullets of democracy fired on this occasion by the police officer Walter Ramírez Espinoza during an action to reclaim ancestral land.

We salute every animal and human struggling for their freedom through action against the world of authority.

And our comrades of the FAI / IRF, we will meet against in the flight of the Phoenix.

Long live the Informal Coordination of Multiform Anarchist Action worldwide!

Anarchist Arson Attack Cell ‘Fire and Consciousness’
Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front Chile