[Greifswald] Solidarity with Liebig 34 & Rigaer 94

Solidarity with Liebig 34 & Rigaer 94

Some people from Greifswald showed their solidarity with "danger zone" Rigaer Straße in berlin and with the projects affected by the repression by lifting a banner: "Against your repression, politics & pics - Solidarity with danger zone L34 & R94"


We want to send solidarity greetings to our comrades in Berlin. Their struggle with the danger zone, found a new heigth in the last days: 


On the 13th of february the cops raided the houseprojects Liebig 34, Rigaer 94 and Sama in Berlin. The destroyed peoples stuff, came into their flats without permission, stole wood, coal, stones and caltrops (for tire defaltation). The cops left tags at the walls „31. was here“ (31. police unit is known to be very brutal)  und „All Zecken are bastards“(https://www.taz.de/Besuch-im-Hausprojekt-Rigaer-94-in-Berlin/!5267076/) which clearly shows that this was a revenge action.


Now even mainstream blogs, some commercial media and the pirate party share this interpretation and partly show their solidarity.


What happens nowadays in Rigaer Straße is happening to people of colour all over europe every day. "control without suspicion" is the term used by the police to legitimize racist harassment which is now also applied on people who don`t fit into this state.


The people responsible for this are racists like Henkel who put their focus on to their political enemies. "I don't tolerate hideaways for violent criminals." "Some people living their try to fight a guerilla warfare against the state and its representatives". Those are the words of a man who clearly names his political enemy. With this background its no surprise when a freemarket or a cake sale becomes a seditious affair.
Especially the SPD (social democratic party) prepares the ground for conservative thoughts. Together with their voters the political parties keep on going more and more right-wing. Wether the SPD takes over the demand from NPD, AFD and other racist potatoes to deport criminal foreigners or Tom Schreiber (SPD politician, Berlin) tries to legitimate his fight against the radical left with extremism theory - they form the right wing mainstream in germany.


The Situation in Rigaer Straße is not about an exaggerated fight between cops, politicians and their enemies, but it is a form of repression which we can no longer take! Wether they try to fight one of the last streets which resist gentrification or they fight people who come to europe because of problems causes by those western states - we have to stay united and show our resistance! We have to think beyond the privileged scene microcosm!

Fight together and in solidarity on different levels, brick by brick we tear down the walls of their borders! The perspective onto a live without a state is what keeps us alive! (A)

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vielen dank aus dem gefahrengebiet! solche sachen sind uns verdammt viel wert. dazu nochmal der text von die 94: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/166055


wir sehen uns am 6.2 in der demo oder um die demo herum ;-)