Statement from Rigaer 94 on todays events

Rigaer 94

We are reporting live from our house under the impressions of what is happening around.
The situation on the spot ist tense, just like the whole afternoon. After the attack of a cop on group of people on Rigaerstraße ,these fled into the safety of the yard.
As we are engaged in the emancipatory struggle against the transformation and gentrification of the neighbourhood, we are happy to see the always accessible yard of the building that houses several different renting and squatting parties,  appear as a shelter against racist and state run assault in the media.


The way we saw people and media agitate against us today is exagerated in our eyes.
A violent officer , that might have gotten lightly injured, wouldnt be worth such an outcry normally.
It is clear we are not taking responsability for what happened on the Street.
But as we as a neighbourhood have seen massive hostility ,physical assault and media campaigning in the last months, we understand the mobilization that police and press have started this afternoon.
we are an eyesore in a clean city where law and order are pushed through with , especially structural, violence.
Unlike in many areas, structural violence is made visible here, becaus there is a noticeable resistance, which we are a part of.

After the quarrel got known we where first terrorised by a bunch of patrol cops,trying to break the door to th yard.
Only a little later the  helicopter copter came flying low above the streets and tonight a SEK special forces unit has been seen around Friedrichshain.
Now several regular and technical units are postitioned around the neighboorhood.
Tom Schreiber is demanding a house search and the minister of interior of Berlin Henkel is promising an answer by the constitutional state.
Truly,the mood is tense. But we wont be defeated. Even if they dont come today, we understand today as a provocation and inhuman agitation.

We thank everyone that is on the Street right now standing watch and ready too make the cops lives difficult by their best means.
You will hear from us!