Urgent! * Call for support in Macedonia

Fence in Idomeni

Supporters/Volunteers/Activists immediately needed!

We, a network of independent groups, need urgently support/relief in Macedonia. In the past weeks we have built up a support structure for illegalized refugees. Due to their criminalisation by the government they cannot access any means of legal help and are exposed to mistreatment by police and so called “mafia”. Besides offering unbureaucratic and independent help (food, water, cloths, first aid/medical help and information) we aim to build up networks and structures for supporting these people on their way from Greece to Serbia.

According to Macedonian law any kind of support towards illegalized people can be seen as criminal act itself. Therefore local supporters risk to go to prison for up to 5 years, if they help these refugees. Volunteer organizations and NGOs only support the 'legalized' SIA-refugees in the transit camps. This is why illegalized refugees need especially support from international activists. The structures just established do reach people but what is urgently needed is new activists to take over from the ones leaving the spot and provide support for a longer time, if possible.


Since there is no legal routes, refugees are forced into situations endangering their life, dependent on criminal structures that they have no protection against because police and military is also what they have to hide from. On top of that, temperatures are expected to drop again the next days, up to -18°C in the nights, making it even harder to walk.


Contact: „Pepper“ 0038970475943



Call for supporting refugees in macedonia, December 2015: