Bus to Dessau: Oury Jalloh - this was murder

Oury Jalloh

11 Years – lies and cover-up, 11 years – fight for clarification and justice
Sisters and brothers, comrades,
come with us to Dessau on the 7th of January 2015 (Thursday), to commemorate Oury Jalloh together on the day of his death, and to show that even after one decade we will not stop to demand the truth! 

On the 7th of January 2005, our brother Oury Jalloh was maltreated after a nightly arrest, and he was burnt beyond recognition in cell n°5 of Dessau‘s police custody. Although he was fixated on hands and feet on a fire-proof security mattress, the Public Prosecutor‘s Office declared directly that he had set fire to himself.
For one decade they have been trying to tell us that Oury Jalloh has set himself to fire with a lighter. But this lighter has not been found when the cell was searched, it has allegedly been found later. It contains no traces of contact to Oury Jalloh‘s body, his clothing or the mattress he‘s been lying on. A fire expert opinion, assigned by the initiative in commemoration of Oury Jalloh, proved that a burning as it happened in the death cell can only develop with several litres of fire accelerant. 
During all the years, when lawsuits were filed – pushed by initiatives, the family and many protest actions – third party fault in the case of Oury Jalloh‘s death was never considered. There was even criminalisation of those who demanded an investigation of the death cause.

On the very same day Oury Jalloh was murdered, there was another murder in Bremen: Laye Conde was killed after having been forcibly administered an emetic. Also in the cases of further victims of racist police violence, like Aamir Ageeb, Dominique Kouamadio, Maryama Sarr, Halim Dener, Christy Omordion Schwundeck, Dr. Zdravko Nikolov Dimitorv … we see always the same thing: policemen kill, courts of law appease, terminate the proceedings, or there are no real investigations at all.

Such racist and colonial state violence against black people/Africans and other oppressed parts of the population is normal order of business, all over the world, we see this, for example, in the cases of murderous police violence in the USA – Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, … The worldwide racist and colonial state violence against Blacks/Africans and other oppressed parts of the population has been sent off by the big European powers for centuries. 

To the outside, imperialist countries like Germany , France and USA are destabilising and bombing former colonies and their areas of influence for western profits, and so they create reasons of flight. Especially in Africa and the socalled Near and Middle East, NATO-soldiers and their gangs of mercenaries are spreading death and misery. 

In Germany and Europe, asylum seekers are the most discriminated and oppressed group of people. Instead of human rights, for them there are racist special laws like residence restrictions and they have to live in isolation camps, where some of them become victims of torture and murder. The estimation of a human life according to economic usefulness is an established code of practice. So the Mediterranean Sea becomes a mass grave, and migrants (or people of colour) are enduring racist police controls and harassments by the administration.
For 13 years, a network of armed neo-nazis (NSU) could operate in the whole country, hurt several people by bomb attacks and kill at least nine persons in cold blood, and they were actively supported by German secret services. The police did again and again suspect the victims in a racist manner and investigated only against their families and against the hurt ones. A racist or fascist background of these crimes was systematically ignored and hidden. Since the detection of the NSU, at least 220 crimes have been registered with the delinquents explicitly referring to NSU. And racist attacks and mobilisations are becoming more while Germany is becoming militarily more aggressive within EU and NATO.

We want justice, investigation and the end of racist and fascist violence!


Meeting point for the common journey to Dessau: Thursday 7th January 2016, 7am at railway station Sternschanze.

Tickets (20 Euro, but without cost for people who don‘t have money): Copy-shop Schanzenblitz, Bartelsstraße 21 and International centre B5, Brigittenstraße 5, Hamburg – St. Pauli.

More information: initiativeouryjalloh.wordpress.com