[B] Rigaer: Reminding another episode

"On a recent shooting in Friedrichshain

Sunday, December 6, 2009, 2.30am. Forkenbeck Platz, Friedrichshain, Berlin. A helicopter hovers above the park searching for the discarded, discharged weapon of a cop in human disguise.


Last Sunday an 18 year old was shot in the leg by a civil cop. The cop claims he was defending himself against an attack being carried out by five drunken youths. The shooting took place in Forckenbeck Platz, one of our local parks. The only words we are hearing ab out this are from the mass media who say violent youths attacked "innocent" police. Once again it is clear whose side the miedia are on. Friedrichshain's streets are full of plain clothed and uniformed cops day and night, it is no surprise that the people react, attack. What is not being spoken of is the inherent violence of the police. When we speak of police violence, we don't only mean the beatings, batons, the handcuffs, the cell, we mean the entire system which puts them in place and necessitates their presence. A system based on the more mundane violence of work, school, prison, arbeits amt, beaurocracy and boredom. The violence of thousands of billboards assulting our eyes everyday, the violence of a life based on the consumption of objects by objects. Namely the State and capitalism.


We want an end to the police occupation of Friedrichshain. Not only that, we want an end to the police and the system that creates a need for them.


In its place we propose for people to self organise their own lives on the principles of anti-authoritarianism, solidarity, cooperation and mutual aid.


Some Local Anarchists"

To remember, to think about. Because of the last night, when the pigs beat up people that where handcuffed.