European call for ‪‎Lund‬, Sweden‬: Antifa demo against the fascists congress, 28 November 2015, 14.00

Antifademo Schweden

European call for Lund‬, Sweden‬ ( Antifa demo against the fascists congress, 28 November 2015, 14.00 -  The Sweden Democrats intend to hold their party congress in Lund 27-29th of November. We are going to stop them.


The Sweden Democrats are fascists who politically support those who burn asylum centers, their rhetoric breed the people who get it into their heads to murder children in schools and right now they are even openly in demonstrations along with neo-Nazis. Lund has a venerable antifascist tradition, a tradition of blocking exactly the Sweden Democrats around the date 30th of November. Now we are going to throw the fascists out of the city again.


For SD, just like us antiracists, 30th of November in Lund is something they know very well. They marched in the 30th of November demonstrations along with the rest of the white power movement. The antifascist resistance finally managed to block the marches and the skinheads in SD had to change out their bomber jackets to suits and become respectable. That SD now places their congress in Lund just before 30th of November is an obvious wink to their own past.


SD are still fascists, no matter what clothes they wear. Now they talk about culture rather than race but the meaning is the same. They hate women, the workers movement, migrants and everyone else who don’t fit into their fantasy of a Sweden that has never existed and never will exist. SD is the parliamentary wing of the fascist movement, it is they who direct the internet warriors and the arsonists towards the political goals the party points out.

In Lund this has become apparent when SD publishes the lists of the addresses of the new asylum centers on the Internet. The centers are made secret so that they won’t be torched. This says everything about the relation between SD and the violent attacks on migrants of different kinds which has happened these last few years.


We are not going to allow ourselves to be turned against one another by fascist lies. We are going to struggle for a better society. That struggle is always a struggle against the Sweden Democrats. We want to show that Lund does not accept SD. We want to see banners from people’s houses, we want to see associations mark their disgust with the, we want to see restaurants which refuses to serve them, we want to see streets filled with antiracist propaganda. Above all we want to see them lose their intended spaces so we won’t even have to see them in our city. Therefore we say: put pressure on the Scandic hotel where they are going to hold their congress, put pressure on the other guests of the hotel, put pressure on unions and the bosses at the hotel.

If SD still manages to succeed with having their congress, whether at Scandic or somewhere else, we are going to do a huge mass action on the 28th of November. Our goal is for them to have to end their event.


Remember 30th of November! Smash fascism!

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SInce this morning swedish intelligence agents harass people who they consider activists, with home visits in Southern Sweden, asking questions regarding the upcoming demonstration against the Swedish Democrats convention in Lund this Saturday 28th of November.


The demo is planned for 14.00 and the gathering spot is Lund's Cathedral (Domkyrkan).


The same agency (Säpo) raised the terror threat indicator to high and issued false information about a refugee this weekend leading to his arrest and release almost immediately after, since they could not find anything against him. At the same time, the swedish police tolerated a "spontaneous" march of nazis in Lund on Saturday, while no terror threat was detected by the swedish state after several fire attacks on buildings planned to house refugees.


It is pretty obvious on whose side the swedish state is! Show your condemn and join the demo against fascism in Lund on Saturday 28th of November, 14.00. We did not tolerate them back in the 1990s, we won't tolerate them now either! video.php?v=886323241443613
To the swedish state: you do not scare us, you enrage us! events/541084646053944/