HH - "koZe goes Collective Welcome Center"


Much has happened in the last few weeks , the police repression and its aftermath have left marks in the political life of the collective center (koZe).Currently the collective center ( koZe) is going through a structural change so far having the working title " koZe goes collective refugee Welcome Center " We will continue to provide space for emancipatory , neighborly and creative ( self-) organization. Let the signs of the time, the repressive EU border regime , criminalization of migrant movements and racist attacks show us, there is an urgent need of space in which refugees and supporters can organize themselves.


Important practical refugee support is already running at koZe (which needs always support, come by!!!). The koZe is part of the network Refugees Welcome St. Georg, providing support for travelling refugees, such as food , laundry and showers. For more than half a year, there are german courses three times a week. There is a freeshop in which people can stock up on clothing, shoes or other useful items of daily life. A lot of different groups are working in koZe, offering support and advices for refugees. We want to work together to expand , to create a nodal point to build up further opportunities . We understand this process and its consequenses as a political counter-proposal to the daily shit and therefore we up to pushing it through. We want to fight Fortress Europe , reasons of escape, the awful german welcome-culture-hypocrisy, the daily racist life and open outcropping Nazi structures. We want networks and to organize in bases and force political struggles.

We want safer spaces. We want spaces for people to met and cook, to have exchange across linguistic barriers and the possibility of legal advice. The idea is to have a sleeping-places-network, Internet with access to Skype, seminars and workshops, infoevents, demonstration arrangements and a new info-café, which can be used by everyone.
To reduce language barriers and to create a basis for discussions and information exchange, there will be simultaneous translation equipment and hopefully many interpreters. The aim is also to support self-organization of refugee women by providing spaces and times of use.

So, there is a lot to do and think. Comes along, be in solidarity and lets unite to be able to act together again.

In solidarity, from the koZe !!!