Hambacher Forst: Occupation of Trees in Cutting Area


Last night (Tuesday to Wednesday) an actiongroup set up 3(!) occupations in this years cutting area. They are all located on the other side of the old highway, directly in an area where yesterday cutting works took place.

The 3 occupants stay in hangmats, which are each suspended between 2 trees. They are equiped with water and food, and plan to stay there longer. The new occupation is calles "Erster Streich".

The cutting works in Hambach Forest started last week - each year, energy company RWE destroys a stripe of 200-400 meters of the forest - to enable the open cast mine Hambach to grow further. The Hambach Forest Occupation reacts several actions, including these new occupations.


Updates and Ticker here: hambacherforst.blogsport.de

Infos and Solidarity for the prisoners of the occupation: abcrhineland.blackblogs.org