International Call out against COP21

Contre la Cop21: Tous a paname!

From November 28 to December 12 we will fight against the COP21 held in Paris. 195 governments and countless business leaders will gather to decide useless measures in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact , all they will discuss is the reasonable amount of pollution industries can release in the atmosphere. The new CO2 quotas are nothing but another way for rich countries to grant themselves the right to pollute with impunity.

We won’t let those who are responsible of global warming and the commodification of every life form hold their umpteenth masquerade
peacefully !

The one and only solution to this matter is to end capitalism and productivism, not a summit in a militarized zone.

Those in Europe and the world who cannot stand this deadly system must converge in Paris against the COP21 !
Multiple demonstrations and discussions will be held during the conférence. Come with your initiatives and your will to create other
ways of living, far away from the dictates of the economy.

Accomodations and reception places will be provided. The following actions are planned :

  •     Saturday November 28 : Gathering of the convoys from the ZADs (zones to be defended against urban projects)
  •     Sunday November 29 : Demonstration
  •     From November 29 to December 12 : Multiples action days
  •     December 12 : Closing day, and action day

The Parisian assembly against COP21