Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting

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A 10-Day of Events - Discussions - Actions // 9-18 October // Peak: October 16-18, Chania, Crete
The Anarchist Campaign of Internationalist Solidarity "Three Bridges", with the coordination of IFA-IAF (International Anarchist Federations) is organizing a Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting in Greece, from the 9th-18th October 2015. This 10-day meeting will be full of open events-discussions-actions, which will be held in towns/cities where local partnership teams, individual teams or local initiatives, participating in the Campaign, are found (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Larissa, Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno). At the same time, thematic discussion groups will be organized, with the participation of comrades-members of statewide or regional Anarchist Federations, individual anarchist groups or comrades, anarcho-syndicalist organizations, anarchist/libertarian squats, etc.

The 3-DAY of EVENTS-THEMATIC DISCUSSIONS, in Chania, Crete from 16 -18 October, will be the M.A.M peak.

The M.A.M is aiming for a direct contact as well as for a views and experience interchange, amongst anarchists who live and act in the Mediterranean basin.  During the Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting we intend to deal with subjects such as the immigrant-refugee issue, the threat of religious fundamentalism, the struggle for democratic confederalism in the Kurdish regions, the economic crisis, the unemployment and the poverty, the rise of nationalism in the Balkans and in general, the military conflict in the Crimean Peninsula, the struggles against ecological destruction of vast areas, the emergence of self-organized communities, state repression and the anarchists struggle in each country.

In this corner of the world, numerous and implacable queries are raised. For that exact reason, we are expected to explore the ways we follow, or those we should follow in order to have an answer to those queries. What is certain is that only the internationalist solidarity of those who struggle from below can be the main aspect of the basis of these answers. This solidarity must be expressed through the effective building of cooperation and solidarity bridges with an internationalist character, so as to break down any limitation or wall rising out of the state and capitalist domination, as well as the totalitarianism imposed by the prevalence of racism, nationalism and religious fundamentalism.

Three Bridges Anarchist Campaign of International Solidarity

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