Berlin, fire to Gegenbauer and greetings to Commerzbank

Symbolbild Feuer, Quelle: Wikipedia

We placed an incendiary device under a vehicle of Gegenbauer in Hermann-Piper Strasse (Berlin), and smashed the windows of Commerzbank in Berliner-Alee, thus carrying on our line of action against the military and the security industry.

Gegenbauer: a company based in Berlin with thousands of employees and a turnover of millions of euros. ‘Integral Facility Management’ sounds like an interesting target and it doesn’t pose problems in most cases. However, the longed-for security services, as well as the experiences we’ve made so far, have put us on the alert. We can’t blame Gegenbauer of taking part in prison society during their long history. But what they are involved in is the flexible management of capital in certain sectors of security enterprises, aimed at increasing the profits of such sectors. In this context, security services provided by Gegenbauer are not constant but always prone to be widened.


Company surveillance services, patrolling, local security and city patrolling in the field of housing economy: all this sounds like additional police activity, and that’s what it is. The increasing growth of economic and social insecurity of the individuals is leading to the bosses’ security reaction. A reaction intended to protect their properties. It wouldn’t be wrong if it wasn’t a matter of capitalist conditions of property. But that being the case, what is being protected is what has been robbed. What is being protected is what was achieved with filthy operations. It’s a protection set up without the existence of real danger but because of security paranoia.

We don’t need to talk about Gegenbauer or make mediocre analyses on the current security paranoia. A few practical examples will be sufficient.

Gegenbauer suppresses social movements. The staff of the company did their best to snatch a banner from activists on the occasion of the ‘green week’, when the latter had climbed 3 metres on a truck. It was a dangerous action too.

During a protest action against Air France-KLM (transport of animals to vivisection labs), activists were attacked by the company, which also intervened to brutally disrupt an antimilitarist action at ILA.

These examples show the brutality used by Gegenbauer to restore ‘security’. Restore security means to silence the just and legitimate instances of the militarist and animal liberation movements, so that the monopoly of thinking comes back to the brochures and websites of event’s organizers.

We are upset at the power these people exercise on those who can’t/don’t want to express themselves in our environment. Gegenbauer are also active in the pursuing of people’s evacuation following gentrification plans in Mehringplatz.

We express solidarity with all the victims of Gegenbauer.

Commerzbank: we wanted to greet them by smashing their windows, as they participate in SiKo – Conference on Security – along with Deutsche Bank. Moreover Commerzbank is involved in financing the military. Obviously we don’t know anything about the proposals and opinions of the bank within the Conference, but this only demonstrates how the latter operates in secrecy.

We’ll have the chance to say more because the struggle continues…

Informal Group