[Freiburg] Soli-Demo "Against the Copenhagen Detention Climate"


On december 18th about 30 autonomous Activists held a spontaneous demonstration through the inner-city of Freiburg. The demo was due to the brutal interventions of the danish Police during the Climate-Summit Protests in Copenhagen, where over 1.500 got - in most cases preemtivlly - arrested and mistreated.


Like for a spontaneous demo for autonomous spaces on Friday 17th, only silent mobilisation was done for this action. The cops didn't hear about it and even though the number of participants was small, it was self-determined and stressless. About 1.000 Flyers about the Copenhagen Repession where distributed in the crowd.

The small Demo began at the "Holzmarkt" and walked quickly to the "Bertoldsbrunnen" a part from the usual slogans, the participants also shouted things like  „Sytem Change, Not Climate Change!“ or „Too many cops, in cop-enhagen!“

On the way, people sticked „Wandzeitung #4“ (a radical "wall-newsletter"). The driver of a Tramway even climbed out of his window, to tear down an exemplary that was sticked onto his vehicle. With loud music, the demo headed on to the Christmas-Marked, where a speech was held, which accouted the happenings in Copenhagen. Flyers where distributed to the people passing.

When the Demo returned to the Christmas marked for the second time, the local Neonazi Jonathan Stumpf was seen and a handfull of Police-Officers turned up and started filming people from behind. They tried hardly and unsuccessfully to identify a respnsible for the gathering. On the way back into the „Grün“-District, an agressive driver drove into the back of a protester. He had to cope with a paint egg thrown onto his car.

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