[B] Frackanpada! Berlin info-event + soli-cocktails


Mobilisation and information about the international Anti-Fracking Camp, 13-19 July 2015 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque country. The presentation is in English and will take one hour; afterwards we can have more informal talks. Please stay to enjoy some soli-cocktails & snacks for the right to stay!


This summer European anti-fracking movements are mobilising for action against fracking in Basque Country. Anti-fracking collectives from several countries are calling on activists from across Europe to gather near Gasteiz-Vitoria for a week-long Frackanpada camp with actions and skill-sharing to organise our struggles in defense of the land, for social justice and for a sustainable society as well as developing our resistance against fossil fuel extraction and the underlying system of corporate profit and state evictions and repression. Only together we can stop and resist their plans. It's time to stop their nonsense. It's time for action! No fracking here nor anywhere!


(please spread widely!)


Meuterei Reichenberger Str. 58
Thursday 11 June - 20.00