Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges

We tear down walls – we build bridges

There is the dominion of the powerful states, supranational formations and local governors. There are the inner-sovereign conflicts that feed geopolitical  tension games in the area of the Mediterranean. There are nationalisms that divide the repressed and lead them to killing one another. Local societies are deregulating through polemic interference. In addition there's the barbarity of the religious fundamentalist obscurantism. There is the nexus of suppression which is weaved by «terror laws», police oppression on the streets, prisons, special conditions of detention, concentration camps for the immigrants. There is the fear of losing your job along with the devaluation of labour that empowers the masters.


However there exists another parallel world. It is the world of revolt. It is the world of resisting people on the streets of the European south. It is the world  the NO TAV movement at the north of Italy and the Halkidiki movement at the greek north, there are the radical outbursts of revolt in Turkey, it is the realization of the democratic autonomy and  resistance  at the Kurdish areas of northern Syria. They are the autonomous fights of the workers struggles. They are the political prisoners and the persecuted social revolutionists. They are the insurgent prisoners and people held captive in concentration camps. It is every person and collective movement that resists and tries to realize a different life on the streets, neighborhoods, work places, schools, universities and agriculture land.


This parallel world can prevent capitalistic barbarity enforcement and religious and nationalistic obscurantism at this crossroad that is called Mediterranean. This parallel world has to, here and now, build bridges of communications, cooperation, resistance and solidarity.


Demanding all the above, social collectives along with political initiatives start an anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity naming it THREE BRIDGES:

  1. bridge of solidarity at the European south
  2. bridge of solidarity at the east Mediterranean arc
  3. bridge of solidarity at the Balkan area.

The campaign will unfold through coordinated,common or autonomous actions of the collectives and initiatives that are part of the campaign all through February until October 2015.


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