Last Night in Baltimore

Nothing Last

Unsurprisingly, corporate media covering Saturday’s events in Baltimore are covering up the extent of last nights riot. In our opinion primarily due to the fact that what took place was a direct result of the State’s complete tactical failure policing the streets. Were they to acknowledge what ACTUALLY happened would be to admit to all of America (as they were watching or reading on their screens) that they have no ability to control us when we really rage. They simply don’t have enough pigs.

No doubt we will see top level reshuffling of whoever orders the pigs around in Baltimore as a result, because they fucked up big time last night. Or we will be seeing the National Guard on the streets of Baltimore by next week.

The State is terrified of the possibility of this being THE trigger. The one they can’t contain.

On Saturday April 25th, the Baltimore Police Department along with the Maryland State Troopers had no control whatsoever of the vast majority of downtown Baltimore till well past midnight.

The tactical mistake the State made was in stationing nearly all of their pigs in full riot gear (thus not very mobile) either along the ramps to the highways and interstates (thinking more like the wave of protests after Eric Garner’s murder in NYC where the tactic of blockading highways and freeways was replicated all across America), or guarding the baseball stadium where the MBA game was simultaneously taking place last night. The extent of concentration of their forces was such that the parking lots where the spectators had their cars were guarded but nothing else in the immediate vicinity. At some of the ramps, there would be one full line of pigs in riot gear when literally only 1 person was indirectly blocking the intersection because they were simply (verbally) letting the pigs know how they feel.

We have never witnessed masked protestors being able to walk up from BEHIND to a line of cops in full riot gear and being able to walk around them with not even a verbal warning from the pigs. That simply does not happen.

The images of the pigs as a seemingly all powerful military force were staged for the cameras and helicopters. It was very clear they had orders of no engagement as long as protestors either didn’t get on the highways (they were already blocked by the presence of the pigs themselves) or inconvenience the spectators at the baseball game. You would be only a few blocks away breaking every window of a bank (while some guy behind you has the time to calmly smoke a blunt) and you see dozens of Robo-cops running down in a different direction with helicopter lights only on them. Almost as if to make sure the beams were only not on us. The images you saw on TV of the police having control were greatly exaggerated.

This is why for several hours small roaming groups of protestors (majority very young teenagers) had total control of the streets.

There is no way to assess the extent of what happened everywhere in the city, there was no organization or communication between the different elements, as it was a full-on riot not a protest. All that was missing was the tear-gas. But there were no pigs around us (for the most part) for them to even need to use it.

Collectively we can confirm the following:

At least two separate series of protestors (with several smaller splinter groups associated with each one) immediately broke out in different directions, when one pig alone (in regular uniform) was trying to lead another group away from an ongoing ramp blockade. The group we became a part of started using every available trashcan, street bench, or construction barrier within site, to first blockade the streets (assuming the pigs would follow us) and then to launch indiscriminate volleys of projectiles at every window and parked car. This was not a group of typical protesters engaged in property destruction with the usual laundry lists of targets (banks, ATM’s, etc).

This was a crowd of mainly young and black teenagers who have simply had enough of the police terrorism aimed indiscriminately at them, with full immunity from any real prosecution, along with the silence and consent of the majority of people around them, white or black. It was a fucking RIOT.

Young teenage girls half the height and weight of most of the crowd within seconds of witnessing another women hammering away at cobble stones, were stockpiling so many pieces at once (to ensure EVERY window was broken), that others needed to friendly remind them that we’re breaking apart more as we move along. We promise we won’t run out.

Shout out to that young girl who despite being inadvertently left behind when those 8 undercover pigs jumped out of their unmarked cars to beat the shit out of the kids who were barraging them with bricks minutes earlier. Not only did she not run, but single handedly got the pigs to back off (and get back in their cars) despite one particularly white fat pig having to be restrained by his masters to not pull his gun on her. The photo-journalist taking pictures at this point refused to acknowledge he even took the pictures when asked to provide the evidence. Unfortunately circumstance did not allow us to get the evidence regardless. Fortunately, an hour later the same girl was busy getting her friends to head back downtown. She had no fear.

These young women are the pigs worst fucking nightmare! They are truly un-controllable.

The details can go on, but we’re not interested in listing our good deeds for the State in any particular order.

Still, there are no words which can describe that feeling when after returning for the second time to the same store (with it’s goods already re-appropriated 2 hours earlier), another group is approaching smiling about the 6 pig cruisers which were lit on fire (not simply damaged) near Camden Yard. Unlike Ferguson, these cruisers were not placed behind in the vicinity of the march as bait. This of course is beyond the dozens (yes dozens) of other private and undercover pig cars which were damaged along with all the other boutique stores, law offices, banks, and convenience stores by the earlier group itself.

(If it’s not on a tweet as a picture it’s because we’re not fucking idiots to take pictures of ourselves and enough experienced friends were around to be able to explain to our crews why both hands are far more useful for holding and throwing bricks)

The message was very clear and meant not only for the pigs but everyone in Baltimore:

No Justice, No Peace
Fuck the Police.

That’s why EVERYTHING was broken. We’re not going to nicely and “peacefully” ask the pigs to stop killing us anymore.

Of course it would be much easier to dismiss this report-back as hyperbole, but ask yourself would “1000” protestors who “damaged” some cars vaguely referred to as “police property” be able to to get the fucking State to lock down the Oriole’s stadium (while the game is going on) and tell the thousands of spectators to stay inside the stadium because they can’t guarantee their safety outside?

We know the only corporate media covering this aspect of the events keep on pushing the line that the ban of leaving the stadium was lifted before the final pitch, but they don’t tell you how many people stayed back inside for hours after the game finished, waiting for their cars to arrive before returning to their homes in the suburbs. Besides, we were back in our own neighborhoods on the west side by that point, but honestly the pigs definitely would not have been able to provide the more affluent and vast majority white spectators any sense of security and calm as they continue to remain silent and thus consenting to the police terror we are facing- walking back to their guarded parking lots across the street.

To all inside/outside agitators across the occupied lands of America this is our time to be wild!

Fuck the Police.