No expulsions from Goerlitzer Park. Stop police brutality!

Jugendgewalt gegen Polizeiwillkür

Goerlitzer Park 2015: cop patrols – manhunts on suspected dealers – racial profiling – prohibition of dope?!

Another step in the so called valorization of the neighborhood, characterized by racist expulsions, skyrocketing rents, evictions from flats. Too often we do not know what to do, how to react when the park is again flooded by cops, when a single person is bullied by 10 cops, because she/he does not correspond to the “white German” norm, when the senator of the interior celebrates his zero tolerance concept, when the town hall gives up all responsibilities.


We want to act against all that.


Invitation to all those who are angry like us, angry about the persistent police brutality in the park. We have no readymade solutions, but we want to discuss what we can do to counter those developments and to reclaim the park.


Thursday, 05.03.2013 // 19:00 // NewYorck im Bethanien (Mariannenplatz 2a)