[B] You can not evict a movement - Resistance against the eviction

Besetzung der Ohlauer  Berlin

End of June 2014 the green district government sent around 1.700 cops in order to evict the squatters of the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Schule in Kreuzberg. Designated by the state as "voluntary relocation", it actually was an attempt to smash the current refugee protest movement, to re-establish state control over an occupied space, and to isolate the residents in refugee camps and deport them.

But they didn't anticipate the resistance of the remaining 40 occupants, who decided to stay on the roof of the school. After 9 days of resistance and widespread solidarity, district and refugees signed a paper, which guaranteed them the right to stay in the school.

Now, 4 months later, the situation reveals what the lies of Hermann and Co. are worth. The ultimatum given to the residents, stating that if they do not move out until October 31th, they will face a violent eviction, can merely be called extortion - also, the hotel vouchers for four weeks are pure cynism.
Along with the worthless Oplatz-agreement it is again apparent that there has never been any other interest from the state than to break the resistance of the refugee protests against the ruling order and maintain the fortress Europe.

So these days, following the evictions of Oplatz, Cuvrybrache and Gürtelstraße, they try again to restore "law and order" by clearing the last place of self-organized life and protest. We call for everyone to stay shoulder on shoulder with the residents of the school in their fight against the eviction and to resist at all levels and by all means!

Discuss, get together, get creative, active and stand in solidarity with each other!

For self-organized life and protest!
Fight Fortress Europe!
You can not evict a movement!


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Maskierte Täter haben vier Scheiben des Wahlkreisbüros von Clara Herrmann in der Boxhagener Straße eingeworfen. Zudem schmissen sie Farbbeutel auf die Fassade des Gebäudes.


Ein Wahlkreisbüro einer Parlamentarierin der Grünen im Abgeordnetenhaus ist in Berlin-Friedrichshain attackiert worden. Vier Scheiben des Büros von Clara Herrmann in der Boxhagener Straße wurden am frühen Mittwochmorgen gegen 2.20 Uhr eingeworfen, wie die Polizei mitteilte. Außerdem wurden Beutel mit roter, lila und gelber Farbe gegen die Fassade geschleudert. Parolen wurden dagegen nicht angebracht.

Verletzt wurde niemand. Der polizeiliche Staatsschutz ermittelt. Bei den Tätern soll es sich um mehrere vermummte Personen handeln.