Animal Liberation Front: Animalliberation in Sweden!

Animal Liberation Front: Tierbefreiung in Schweden! 1

Animal Liberation Front (ALF) liberated 20 rabbits from meat farm outside Alunda, Sweden. were coming back as long as animalabuse is existing!!! alf


"20 rabbits liberated from meat farm

On the night to the 1st of October, 20 rabbits were liberated from Runbergs rabbit farm outside Alunda, Sweden.
All the rabbits have been rehomed in new loving and caring homes.
Runbergs rabbit farm has been in business for many years and there are around 200 animals waiting for death on the farm.
The rabbits are killed after hits with a club.
The 20 rabbits liberated have a new life of hope in front of them instead of a painful end in the shadow of the club.
As long as there are animals that needs to be saved the Djurens Befrielsefront (Swedish ALF) lives.

- Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)

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