Köln: Social Struggle Protest Camp 2014

Soziale Kampfbaustelle

This year another protest camp in the Grüngürtel park at Venloer Strasse (near Ehrenfeld) will take place. Everybody is invited to come and join the meetings, meals, discussions and actions. Thereby we again want to create a space for the need of collective organised resistance against the dominating social conditions in this city.


Some of the topics are:

• housing shortage and expulsion of the poor from the inner-city
• police controls and discrimination through „dangerous areas“
• accommodation of hundreds of refugees in emerency shelters and containers
• exclusion and exploitation of migrant workers from South-Eastern Europe
• protest of unemployed at the public employment agency and JobCenter
• crisis of health care workers and patients
• solidarity with current labour conflicts

The Social Struggle Protest Camp is there for everyone: For those who organise the camp and also for all visitors! Because we want more people in our resistance for a better society that accepts no power structure or exploitation!

Therefore will be discussions, actions, meals, parties, culture and networking. The heart of the camp will be the kitchen, a meeting area for a daily collective dinner at 7 pm.

We want more groups and individuals to join us, shape the content and realise the Social Struggle Protest Camp in practice, to become a part of it.



Fr 12.9.
19 Uhr     Eröffnungs-Dinner und Konzert / opening-dinner and concert

Sa 13.9.
11 Uhr    Zukunftswerkstatt mit anschließendem Ergebnisplenum um 14 Uhr
future workshop with summary plenary at 2 pm
20 Uhr     Konzert  / concert

So 14.9.
14 Uhr     Nachbarschaftsfest mit Umsonst-Flohmarkt, Kinderprogramm und Live-Musik
neighborhood party with free gift market, children's program and live music

Mo 15.9.
20 Uhr    offene Diskussion: "Wem gehört die Stadt?" - Entmietung, Verdrängung und Widerstand in Köln
open discussion: "Whose citiy is it?" expulsion, loosing living space and resistance in cologne

Täglich 19 Uhr Abendessen für alle  / daily dinner at 7 pm for everybody

The rest of the program depends on the participants and will arise from Friday onwards ( wohnraumfueralle.noblogs.org ).


Poster and Flyer