Solidarity action in Dresden for Refugees from occupied school at Ohlauer street in Berlin

(Artikel auf Deutsch) TOMORROW Thursday 5 pm Pirnaischer Platz Dresden - solidarity action (unregistered) for Refugee Struggle of occupied school in Ohlauer street in Berlin and for Refugees from Oranienplatz!


Support demands of Refugees: Right of residence according to §23 law of residence! Abolition of Lagersystem! Abolition of "Residenzpflicht"! Serious direct talks with Secretary of the Interior Henkel!


route: Pirnaischer Platz > Postplatz > administration for foreigner matters

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About 30 people protested loudly from Pirnaischer Platz through inner city of Dresden to administration for foreigner matters. The people spread flyer to passers-by. The spontanious demonstration stayed unregistered. The police knew of the demo before its beginn, like they said to protesters - from the internet and therefore, were there before its beginn. On the brink of the demo, there were police and they monitored the demo til its end, but police didn't surround the demo. There were police in uniform, but also civil police people monitored continuously the demo.