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Dear Berliner Neighbours, we are the inhabitants of Cuvrybrache. Maybe you have seen us around sometimes or you read or heard something about us or maybe you dont know anything about us and even more you dont even care about us at all. People may think or say that we are dirty, noisy, careless, disrespectfull, that we are exploiters, that we ar always drunken stoned and even violent.


That is one way to look at what happens in cuvrybrache Kreuzberg and we dont want to defense ourselfes from those things or justify them
What we would like to do an the reason why we get in contact with you is to give you anouther point of view so you have wider perspective of our situation that in a way is not only ours but a situation that affects all of us and you.

The existance of cuvry or free places alike is of vital importance to all of us and not only for people who lives there or use the place.
In cuvry everyone has a place, absoulutley everyone!

We wonder if you can see the enormous importance of that fact. In cuvry you can find people with so called "mental  diseases" as difined by society, with drug problems, alcoholics, people who for whatever the reason dont have or dont find a place in the rest of society and even more people who dont want to have a place in that society at all.

You find people from every background sharing the place without rules, structures or organization, you live your live and let others live theirs. We are not a political group, we dont have shared ideologies or anything like that. As you each of us try to live his/her lives the best we are able to do.

We have different priorities than the ones stablished by the western standards. Yes we do but who says there must be only one way?
The western or european way of live is being imposed to all of us and is becoming more and more narrow.
And people who dont fit are forced into Isolatio, poverty and dependency of charity what usually is giving under conditions to restrict the Freedom whitch that people is longing for. That help from the states or society tries to push that people outside the main part of the citys in a gentrification process.

Freedom has become more and more the Freedom of buing shoes from that label or the other, or a car of this color or the other. But the main aspects of live are impossed to us and some people seem to be interested in us thinking there is no other way.
We are not creating an utopic comunity here in cuvry. We are as far from that as from living in a flat and working for the state or a company.
Also some people who live here or who use the place do have flats and jobs and that people as well apreciate the possibility or just beeing here.No one to have to give explanations to, no one to ask for permisson, no one under and you over no one.

We should not romantizize cuvry, there you can find the very best and the very worst of human nature depends on your actitude.
And that same people helping their friends or people who they dont even know. just out of goodness and next day getting involved in a fight out of not knowing how to deal with their frustrations. Or People meeting together around the fire inhabitants and neighbours and tourists....and sharing food, drinks, music.

We are not different from you maybe one day we join you in your side of society because we have enough of cuvry or maybe one thay you wake up without a job, without money left aside from society and those you trusted or maybe you just cant take it anymore That Day Cuvry will be open for you, but only if we dont let it be destroyed in order to build houses or a shopping mall.
Its plenty of Houses an Shopping Malls bus there is only one cuvry in Berlin.
In Cuvry there are no Laws, Authority, Organization what implies that all what in the other society is repressed what doesent means solved, just repressed, all that can come out and bee openly seen in cuvry. We are not better than anyone and maybe wa are worst bus at least all that we are is exposed to clear light and in that way maybe we can learn and be able to solve problems.


Stop Eviction!

Today Police was on the place they want to Evict us between the 15.06.14 to 21.06.2014.

What we need:

Come all to the Place and help us stoping the eviction.

A Lawyer

Thank you!

Cuvrybrache: Schlesische Straße ecke Cuvrystraße Ubahnhof Schlesisches Tor Kreuzberg Berlin

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Räumung der Cuvrybrache zwischen dem 15.06. und 21.06. Heute war die Polizei dar + ein Helicopter. Cuvrybrache: Schlesische Straße ecke Cuvrystraße. Ubahnhof Schlesisches Tor



our home against your system


Schule bleibt!

Cuvry bleibt!


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