David A. still in coma - best wishes from greece

Solidarity Banner from Greece to David A. // 3

David A. - an artist - a friend - a comrade. Beaten nearly to death by securities of the privat company "Wiener Linien". We send our thoughts and wishes to David A., who is in coma since more then 3 weeks now.


The beating was not just an act against graffitie-art, but also an act out of protecting capitalism and it's idea of privat property.

The fight against capitalism is an international one and understanding it as such one, we felt responsible to also inform comrades abroad from austria. As we could just do a small action yet, we put up a banner in Rotonda/Thessaloniki. This must not be the last action. Others should and will follow.


Dear David,

we wish you all the best, our thoughts are with you since we got to know about the attack on you.

May you stay strong and join us soon again!


Until every one is free, until every one is unslaved.

Comrades from greece.

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Solidarity Banner from Greece to David A. // 1 Solidarity Banner from Greece to David A. // 2 Solidarity Banner from Greece to David A. // 3

hier ein lied zum thema antirassismus von IC und MACKC

(der erste und der dritte rap ist von IC/david)




und ein weiterer leinwander song:

(part 1 von alkoida, part 2 von IC/david)




hoffentlich funkts.