Düsseldorf: demonstration in support of the striking refugees!

Spontandemo für Geflüchtete in Durststreik! 1

On Saturday, the 10th of May, 35 people took part in a demonstration in solidarity with the striking refugees, who are currently on a thirst strike in Berlin, Alexanderplatz. The rally started at Düsseldorf main station and marched to Oberbilker Markt chanting slogans. The demonstration paused there and the second declaration of the thirst strikers was read out loud.

The march continued from Oberbilker Markt to Flingern and ended on the parking lot in front of Kiefernstraße.  
Here a solidarity concert for the family of the antifascist Ivan Khutorskoy, who was murdered 2009 in Moscow, took place in the punk club “AK 47”.
The cops only started following the demonstration right before it ended and abstained from talking to the demonstrators. After the final manifestation the marchers left the demonstration, some of them attending the solidarity concert. Düsseldorf's cops seemed to be having a slow night, so they had the time and energy to observe the AK47 from the roof of a car park until late at night. From the state's perspective this probably doesn't make a lot of sense. Later on a solidarity photo was taken in front of the club with the banner of the demonstration, it is attached to this article.

Since Tuesday the refugees in Berlin are on thirst strike for the realization of their human rights. The politicians haven't shown any sign of willingness to negotiate. The situation in Berlin is very serious. We support the demands made towards the politicians: Start negotiating with the refugees! Take their demands serious and recognize the refugees as political subjects!

We want to call all comrades in all cities to organize actions of solidarity as soon as possible. Time is running fast. In Düsseldorf further actions can follow if the politicians don't start negotiating soon. Our demonstration was only a small taste of things to come.

Open borders! Smash Germany!

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