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For our local and foreign friends who'll be participating in 1st of May demos around #Taksim we'd like to point out some ground rules.
via @OccupiedTaksim

(thank you a lot for collecting and publishing this information)


If you are participating in the demos/clashes all by yourself or with a friend group that is unorganized, try to be near organizations that you are close to or consider revolutionary. Regardless of their political line, anarchist and communist revolutionary organizations will protect you and your friends and they will be helpful during an unexpected incident, whatever that may be. Some organization may consider your acts "violent", "provocation" etc. Depending on your "actions" DM (@OccupiedTaksim) for info on those organizations and don't be near them to avoid any unnecessary conflicts within.

  •     Try to be together and within a group while running away and on "forward" action.
  •     Avoid being alone in a group that is less than 10-15 people.
  •     Report suspicious(!) activities to your friends and flag carriers. They will know how to deal with the situation.  
  •     Remember in the moment of chaos people tend to get emotional and aggressive, avoid any conflict within. 

REMEMBER, to cover your face, your tattoos or any other identifiable sign on you. Mostly clothing will help you on that, but in case some make-up will cover anything, birth marks, tattoos, scars. REMEMBER, warn anyone who does not cover their faces. Covering your face is a security measure not just for you, but people around you. And it looks cool on CCTV. We recommend wearing jeans and plain clothes. Hoodies will also help you both hide your face and protect you for head injuries, it may as well be a gas canister, or a friendly stone.

We strongly recommend you obtain a gas mask, preferably a professional one (photo: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Blx3StSCYAAdo6T.jpg). Or just a simplier and a cheaper one. You can also make a gas mask yourself out of plastic and maxi pads. (photo: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Blx3pTzCMAARgv1.jpg)

We recommend you obtain a helmet or barrette or at least a skull cap to avoid any head injury that might be fatal. (photo: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Blx4H6VCUAAtnTF.jpg)


REMEMBER, what you will be doing is legit and a constitutional right! We recommend you to create a information network through your mobile phones, strongly for ONLY informative purposes, if you MUST bring a mobile device. Use passive tense if you MUST. We recommend not to carry any mobile or electronic devices for your concerns(!), but also we are aware of the fact you will. Be caferul about what you share.

Don't take any photos of people's actions. If you MUST use applications to cover people's faces while taking the photos.

To protect your eyes from gas we recommend you obtain swimming goggles, from rubber bullets we recommend construction goggles.
Make shields, out of anything you find on streets, if possible home-made shields will protect you from gas canister and rubber bullets.

REMEMBER, barricade every main streets, that is what we need the most to stop any police vehicle, but do not barricade the side-streets! REMEMBER, barricades are the most important of all. We need many of them. Help building barricades, shield barricade builders and remember there are presents under cobble stones, feel free to use them.


REMEMBER to set the barricades afire to dilute the gas.

  •     REMEMBER, people may get disturbed by your actions, calmfully explain your actions and why you are doing them.
  •     REMEMBER, to obtain construction gloves to throw back the gas canisters and carry around barricade material.
  •     REMEMBER, there will be volunteer medics, help them, shield them in case of any injury, especially on the head.

As you disperse, REMEMBER to DROP any slingshots, marbles, hammers, sticks, firy stuff, fireworks etc. without leaving your fingerprint.


Again, BE CAREFUL while bringing above-mentioned objects to the field of action.

Make a solution out of Talcid and Water beforehand. If not there will be plenty of people carrying them around, they'll find you if you lose your eyesight. Don't hesitate to call for help if you get injured or lose your eyesight, if an unexpected complication happens on your skin or eyes, immediately hold on to people with gas masks and ask them to carry you out of the danger zone.

REMEMBER, shields can both protect you while "forward" actions and while running away if you place them properly to cover your neck. REMEMBER, shields as large as your body can also be used horizontally to protect 2 other people besides you while running away.

DO NOT hesitate to take a shot on your body, instead letting anyone take a shot on the head!

The government is trying to make its way to blame "the Cemaat" for anything that may happen. Do not trust the police. Do not trust the police either they are from Cemaat or government. Police is your enemy. And you are an enemy to the police.


  • Your passports, IDs and press-cards will not protect you, you are more likely to be detained than a local. Government is in desperate need to fabricate news relating the "actions" to foreign intervention. All foreigners, just be careful! We recommend all foreigners to stay with people who speak English and kindly ask them to stay with you. Be on the protestors' side.
  • FOREIGN JOURNALISTS, do not share your videos, photos and information with the government and the police even if you're threatened to do so.
  • FOREIGN JOURNALISTS, stay on the protestors' side to be safe, by all means.


In case of any arrests you witness or subjected to. First try to reach Progressive Lawyers' Association and then the Istanbul Bar.
YELL OUT your name while being arrested, constantly even if they try to stop you!

If you wish, we recommend you to resist your arrest and not to submit to them. Torture of any kind is a crime against humanity! Keep in mind that resisting your arrest will not make it easy for you, but you will feel free as you should be!

  •    In case of any arrest, do not take any food, drink and advice(!) from the police. We recommend you go on hunger strike.
  •    Do not let them break your spirit, even though you may alone and isolated, keep in mind that millions will embrace you!
  •    DO NOT make the police feel like an human being by responding to them, thanking them and receiving help from them!

RESIST, strip search, them taking your finger print and photos and any other of their arbitrary actions. BEWARE that you are a human being!

IF you are arrested with something you should not carry, DENY everything, you are not obliged to tell them the truth, both ethically and legally. Wait until you are brought to court to make a statement if you wish to make one.

  • REMEMBER, the police can hold you detained for 72 hours +, keep in mind that physical hunger is easier than mental hunger for freedom.
  • UNDER ARREST, ask for the ID of the lawyer who is sent for you! Definitely make sure s/he is a member of Progressive Lawyers' Association!
  • UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, do not sign anything that the police wants you to sign. No good can come out of it.
  • UNDER ARREST, you may be isolated, scared the shit out of and psychologically crushed READ the writing on the walls of your cell. There have been many like you, there will be many like you. Believe in yourself, try to convince people into not submitting! 
  • IF tortured, sexually abused and psychologically crushed, REMEMBER that they will eventually be brought to justice, justice of ours(!).
  • IF you see anyone who is about to be arrested ALONE, join them! Try to imagine what it should be like being alone under their hands.

LASTLY, our common target is #Taksim! But you know, even you're a thousand miles away,
Everywhere Taksim, Everywhere Resistance!


REMEMBER, almost every door of every house and shop in Besiktas, Kurtulus, Sisli, Nisantasi, Okmeydani, Pangalti will be open. Check first and feel free to get in. That is one of the advantages of being "millions". Make a note of every single shop and house that will not let you in. If a local turns you in, make a note on your mind where s/he was at, spot their shops and houses.

AKP may hire dogs, as they usually do. They may appear with cleavers and arms, be careful and take it easy! If possible, crush them! If not, let it go and think of your own security for that moment. They'll be identified in just a couple of hours.
AND LAST, remember that we share the streets with animals, stray cats, dogs and etc. We'll have volunteer veterinarians all around. DO NOT ever, never hesitate to help them, clean their eyes and carry them away to somewhere near. REMEMBER, they live on those streets! Streets are where stray animals and us have a common ground. Think of them as your comrades!

Insurrection, revolution and freedom for all!

by @OccupiedTaksim

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