Chile: Attempted bombing of West Santiago Precinct and the 18th Ñuñoa Precinct


When a comrade falls we cannot remain disconnected, blind ourselves and keep reading forever so we can give pretty speeches in talks and debates. Our tears for our compañerxs who fall in war turn into lava that runs through our bodies, transforming into this internal fire that gives us the flame to give it all in each action against our enemy and the bastards who protect them.


We are once again filled with pride because we made slipped under their noses and jumped their walls minutes before midnight and set to activate at 12 at night, when everyone was celebrating (even the “revolutionaries”) and forgetting that there are compañerxs who are imprisoned, persecuted and killed for giving their life so that words are transformed into concrete actions against the enemy’s morale, comfort and life.


Our aim as Friends of Gunpowder is to demoralize the forces of order and make them feel vulnerable so that more restless individuals will do what they want against the protectors of order and social peace. Although this trash may not be our ultimate target, we know that they are the armed wing of the true enemy, and this is why our actions will be dual and quality. On the one hand, making this obedient fist suffer and die. On the other hand, directing ourselves against the engineers, scientists, bosses and businesspeople who finance, administer and design projects that make this world more artificial every day, supposedly giving more freedom and life to this disgusting race, only managing to reduce the sphere of freedom in order to thus bring global control to unsustainable levels.


In this, our fourth communique (1. La Florida Prosecutors’ Office; 2. Puento Alto Courthouse; 3. Las Vizcachas Police Station) we are proud and frustrated at the same time, since our timing system was perfectly done except that, because of a moment’s desperation at the time of activating the electrical component, we cut a cable that closed the circuit; for logical reasons we couldn’t stay to fix our error since the entering and exiting of the station was coordinated in 30 seconds so we wouldn’t be detected; we left thinking that luck would be on our side, but this time it was on theirs, since if everything had been activated as it was meant to, we would have wounded or killed the bastards who were on the other side of the door, distracted and deranged as always, as well as left major material damages, since our cooking-pot bomb was composed of three kilos of pressurized gunpowder, a 250 gram stick of TNT, three butane gas canisters, activation tablets, a half kilo of 1-inch steel nails, aside from the fragments the pot would have made. It was a good plan, all-or-nothing; the physical and material aims we wanted weren’t achieved but the psychological part was achieved and so now we are smiling at creating the state of maximum security alert in all the police stations that lasted until January 10th, making them know that we are ready for everything, that we may be fledglings but our rage makes us run and grow in this path of struggle for freedom and autonomy.


We dedicate this action to Pelao Angry because we understand and share the comrade’s daring for wanting to live in a free and wild world. We hope that you are avenged sooner or later…


Strength, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar
Strength to All the Comrades imprisoned and persecuted around the world

After the calm comes the storm…

Friends of Gunpower