Deportation Chain - Resistance against Rascism and colonial injustice

Deportation Chain - Resistance against Rascism and colonial injustice

Resistance against Rascism and colonial injustice despite judicial Arbitrariness
Mbolo Yufanyis Court Hearings (Part 8) - Next Court Hearing in Berlin on Monday: 27.01.2014, at 15:00 Uhr, Room 572, and (Part 9) on Thursday: 06.02.2014, at 11:00 Uhr, Room 672

Amtsgericht Tiergarten/Moabit
Turmstraße 91
10559 Berlin

We still invite all activists and supporters to monitor the Court Hearings.

Touch one touch all.

In the case against Mbolo Yufanyi Movuh for acts of resistance against police officers and an attempted liberation of prisoners, the judge in charge, Marieluis Brinkmann, curtails the defendant's rights , steers the interested audience, mothers and protects an alleged violent police witness, and finally refuses to interrupt the hearing of evidence in order to file a challenge on grounds of bias on the part of the defending lawyer.

The case against Mbolo Yufanyi Movuh was opened on September 26th because he took part in the protests against the cooperation of the Nigerian Embassy with the German government concerning the deportation of refugees on the 15th of October 2012 in Berlin and because of the accusations by police officers displayed above (call for process monitoring:, statement from the court:, process report: Further days of proceeding took place on the 14th and 28th of October 2013 (short process report:

Right at the beginning of the first day of the trial the prosecutor in charge of all the concerned procedures Attorney Mark Winkler chimed in before the accused finished his opening statement and called the judge Marieluis Brinkmann to enforce silence in the courtroom. He referred to previous cases in which, according to him, there already had been "perturbances" by the monitoring audience, so that even the most silent expressions (in particular those reacting to his comments!) should be prevented from radically. Ms. Brinkmann left this illicite interruption uncommented, despite the advocate's mention that the majority of the occurring whisper conversation were translations for observers or explanations for newly arrived observers.

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