Keine Ruhe im Herzen der Bestie – Kommt zum internationalen Ratschlag in Frankfurt!

Occupy Oakland – Generalstreik am 03.11.2011

Dear comrades and friends, indignad@s,

Since 2011, the crisis finally finds its echo in a variety of occupations and Assambleas worldwide: Tunis, Cairo, Madrid, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Athens, New York, Oakland… For months, tents of the Occupy movement have been beleaguering the ECB in Frankfurt. Keeping in sight the financial center of Frankfurt, is of crucial importance: here is where the troika of ECB, IMF and European Commission negotiates what the German government and its allies want to impose over all Europe.


Calling for a paneuropean mobilization to Frankfurt, we want to set an unmistakable sign of international solidarity and anti-capitalist resistance. We want to show that there is no peace even in Germany, the heart of the beast of the European crisis. We want to show that the movements in Europe won't let themselves be played off against each other, but that they stay together leading the struggle against the austerity dictates of the troika. We want to show that hand-tame protest against these social attacks is just not enough, rather that there is need for massive and determined resistance all over Europe.


Therefore we are calling for disobedient mass actions in May: let us clog up Frankfurt, let's congest the traffic, the banks, the whole city. Let us interrupt the business of those who want to take us into custody for their own crisis…


Currently, the idea of action days in Frankfurt in May is not only being discussed by us, but by a number of political movements, groups and spectra. Something is in motion and it will condense into blockades, into disobedient mass actions, a large international demonstration, and another Agora of Movements.


We suggest that we get ourselves going on May 15th, 2012, the anniversary of the first large meeting in Madrid. On Wednesday, May 16th, the ECB's Governing Council meets in Frankfurt. Friday, May 18th could be our main Day of Action: In several European countries, many people are having a day off because of a previous holiday, while banks and businesses are open in Frankfurt, so we can effectively interrupt the businesses. On May 19th, a major European demonstration could follow.


In Erfurt, just some 250 km from Frankfurt, the 34th Congress of the Federal Coordination of Internationalism (BUKO) will take place from May 17-20 raising the question: "What does 'radically global' mean today?" We like the idea of interleaving debate and action.


The first joint session of a broader initiative group will be held on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 11 a.m. in the union hall (Gewerkschaftshaus), Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69, Frankfurt am Main. At this point it will be crucial to bring up the desire of many activists for actions that are adequate to the magnitude of the attacks in terms of scale and radicality.


At this first meeting, we will get things prepared for a grand European action conference to be held on February 24th-26th in Frankfurt. At that point, there will be place for concrete agreements and the decision on an international call for actions in May in Frankfurt.


If you want to be part of it, if you want to co-initiate the conference and the call for actions, please get in touch as soon as possible by e-mail to



Interventionistische Linke (Interventionist Left), December 22, 2012