We are the 1%

We have seen you. We have heard you. Nowadays you are everywhere. We know who you are. That 99% that protests against the excesses of capitalism and the abuses of the State. You are that 99% that demands electoral reforms, social alternatives, economic subsidies and political measures. You are the 99% scared of losing your future, of not being able to live anymore as you have until now: a job, a salary, a mortgage, a pension. Surviving at the very least. And at the very best a career. This is what you ask for. You don't want to pay for the “crisis”, you want everything to go back as it was before. You don't dare to turn off the screens that day after day have eroded all meaning and emotion, condemning life to the sadness of mere survival. And this is everything you ask of the governments and of the banks. Because this is your democracy: those who are governed should not be interested in power but in the common good, while bankers should not be interested in profit but in the happiness of the people. Just like in fairy tales, just like in the movies.


While waiting for a happy ending that is running late, you don't tolerate those who do not share your hallucinated resignation. From Amsterdam to Athens, from Rome to Portland, you are ready to stop, snitch out and beat down those who are angry and who do not see in institutions the guarantee of freedom but the origin of misery and oppression. You can appreciate vengeance only in fiction, but in reality you prefer submission. In front of a hateful and rotten society you fight for a civil, calculated and polite protest. A protest that will always stay at your level: on its knees. Now we know who that 1% are that you hate so much. Along with your borders, with your security services, with your representatives, you have made it quite clear who your enemies are. Surely not the bosses, who you approach with respect. It's us. We, who don't have a State to defend or to improve. We, who don't have a market to protect or to exploit. We, who do not want to exercise or be subjected to any authority. We, for whom life is not reducible to clocking in and out or to a bank account to protect. We, for whom the crisis was not born with the recent Stock exchange speculations gone wrong, or with the incompetence of whoever is now sitting in the parliament, but with living within this social order in all its aspects. We, for whom all days are precarious in this world that we never wanted, in which we never recognized ourselves, which is suffocating us. We want to have nothing to do with your 99%. With your demands for a more moderate capitalism and a more correct State. With your political talk that reduces power and privilege to the size of a credit card. With your nostalgic boyscout camping. With your inability to clearly identify an enemy, the cause of “injustice”, who keeps getting more and more vague, immaterial and out of our reach. With your arms that keep opening more and more for the politicians, industrials and guardians and are getting more and more harsh towards rebels. With your actions that get weaker and weaker, which have merely become a lukewarm interval of the status quo. No, we do not want your reforms, your collaborations, your alienating jobs, your leftist demands that you keep regurgitating. We know what the real causes of the sufferings we are subjected to are: the thirst for power, the lust for money, and the obedience that they expect and get. These causes are upheld in the daily lives of human beings, in the actions, the behaviour, the relationships that are inherent to a society where we feel like strangers everywhere. And these causes- that need to be refused, abandoned and demolished- have found refuge in your movement. We have never felt at ease within 99% of our modern life, spent waiting in line to beg, but still you insist in defending 99% of the problem. We will search for our possibilities somewhere else. Through the hopes, the dreams and the actions that have earned us your condemnation. You, go on with your sailing through the ocean of universal indignation. Go ahead, hoist your sails and pass the ropes to bureaucrats and cops. Go ahead, share your space and your air with the bastards that have made life on this planet so unbearable. Go ahead, sail straight into a new tomorrow, with your stern still full of the shit of yesterday. We will not come aboard your ship, we will only jump off it. And we will stay on our rafts, which you despise so much, because they are so small and light. But be careful. A ship that travels with our enemies aboard is too big of a temptation to let it slip away. You laugh? You are not afraid of us because you don't think we have the courage to board your ship? Then you don't get it. You should sink with all your burden of death. To achieve this a huge fleet is not needed, but only a fire ship. Small and light.