Juggle and Struggle for Kommando Rhino!

Kommando Rhino will stay!

Intergalactic solidarity-call for the preservation of trailor-parc Kommado Rhino

Two years after the squatting of the so-called M1-ground in Freiburg-Vauban, the police is due to evict the waggon-squat Kommando Rhino after july the 31st 2011. We call everyone to support the diverse actions for the preservation of the art-, culture- and waggonspace-collective. Come to Freiburg to defend a unique self-managed residential-project!

In Mai 2009 the genevan Investor Schröder was going to realize a „Green-Business-Center“ on the entrance-space of eco-town-model-district Vauban. Ecological-activists, residents and squatters occupied the grounds to protest against the very typical Freiburg-factor: greenwashing. To us green capitalism stays a lie. Also in the green-voting Black-Forrest-City the economic and parlamentarian elites are specializing in social exclusion as a code of practice.

In allusion a genevan squat, evicted with Schröders help in 2007, the waggon-collective „Rhino“ was founded in the early summer of 2009, to squat the whole M1-area and stay on it ever since. About 40 people and animals live there now, in lorries und caravans. The hughe ancient advertising-pannel was transformed into a Bar and many other Buildings where made: A people's kitchen, a Sauna and a pavillion within the central „pebble-parc“.


Because of political end economical tilts, the green-buisness project finally failed to be built. The administration then decided to sell the grounds to the city-owned housing-company Freiburger Stadtbau (FSB).

At no moment, the needs of the residents were sincerely involved in the plannings. Even a green-city doesn't care about involving  the concerned. Like in other towns, there is no interest in giving people cheap or free space for living and deployment. The town of Freiburg illustrates these logics in empeaching the creation of a self-managed youth-center, in raising the rents, in swamping out the precarian parts of society and in cutting on social and cultural projects.


In the last years more and more organization was done in some neighbourhoods to encounter these logics. Some houses got squatted - and mostly evicted - , rent-strikes where done (with some success) and more and more demonstrations and actions were linked to the gentrification-thematics.

The state counters these processes with repression.

At Kommando Rhino, people try to live an alternative to the systematics of hierarchies and exploitation. Cheap housing was created and cultural potential is beeing promoted and self-organized. For years the city refused to assume the needs of the Vauban-residents – as it's due to be within capitalism. The administration is more to emulate so it could finally become a corporate-city. It want's to build a green-painted concrete-block and make a lot of money – and an anarchist trailor-parc is a pain int he arse for them.

We're not apealing to their system of ugly-representation and profit. We believe in decentrality, autonomy and solidarity. We are decided fight, so that Kommando Rhino remains! Come to Freiburg, support Kommando Rhino!


Get this: At day, the rhinoceros sleeps. It is active at twilight and at night and attacks anyone that ain't complaisant...


Kommando Rhino will stay!

Plätze. Häuser. Alles.* June 2011



* campaign for the constitution and defence of autonomous spaces


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