Announcement No4 of "Sect of Revolutionaries"


The Sect of Revolutionaries arms itself again. In today's world the most violent thing is to remain passive. All our lives are overwhelmed by violence. And when it’s not the violence of the cops, the detention centres, the prisons, then things are even more treacherous. We are talking about violence without blood. The violence of the image, advertising, the consumerist high, thepsychological dead end and loneliness. We live in squalid cities, eat plastic food, we inform ourselves with prefabricated news, buy brand products, we work in disgusting jobs, admire phony standards, we create small private cells inside our homes with cheerful furniture.

We are tired of this empty life. We said enough is enough ... no more lost days ... no more humiliation at work ... no more borrowed prayers for goodnight ...


So a year and a half ago we formed the Sect of Revolutionaries, which became the vehicle for our escape from the fucking calm of the world-prison we live in. Two or three guns to start with, some books and some delinquent knowledge from experiences of the past, combined with several "kilos" of determination and the confidence of a conscience that said: either human or pig, either fighter or enslaved, either revolution or compromise with resignation.

And so we began.

When you live in an unending struggle it makes you sharpen your skills and your thoughts, while at the same time you get the
pleasure of having opposed the fate that was reserved for you. But we wanted something more ...

We wanted make the leap to storming the heavens. After our third hit, we put to ourselves the question of stepping up our action, which entailed a number of necessary requirements. So we went into creative obscurity in order to re-emerge more capable, more effective, more dangerous. During this time many of us trained in weapons, learned new techniques, read, informed ourselves of struggle situations unknown until now, we exchanged experiences and viewpoints with other fighters and refuelled in the logistics sector.

At the same time the rest of our fighters did not remain inactive. They created a network of essential information, collected evidence, took care of our conscious inactivity and offered their services to the cause of the Revolution and the dignity of themselves. So from now on we want to be terribly consistent in what we say and to pass on a message to all the main faces of society and their gorillas. "The Revolutionary Sect will not leave one millimetre of safe ground in your life.

Our guns are full and ready to "speak" ... If the arguments make sweat flow, the evidence will make blood shed ...». We are not merely talking about armed propaganda, but are putting it into practice. Our recent attack did not rely on propagandistic reasons, but the decision to terminate the miserable career of this guy.

Armed struggle does not apologize and does not invoke the hypocrisy of humanitarianism and the ideal of human life. The revolution is war to build an autonomous existential code away from the hypocrisy of modern-day life. Human life is a variable, a commodity in the world of entertainment that is sometimes torn to pieces by being exiled into the dungeons of prisons, in lonely dead-ends, in substance dependencies, and is sometimes defended as the "ideal" that was lost by the guns of terrorists.

But it is not just important that you live but also how you live. The real value is in the choices made by each individual in their life.
That’s where we are all judged. Socrates Giolias made his choices and we made ours. He chose to live like a rodent in the kingdom of mud of his kind and we as wolves outside the herd.

Let's see who the "unaware" and "unguarded" Socrates Giolias really was. From early on deeply involved in the tricks of the journalistic plague, he served for several years under the master of supposedly independent "revelatory" journalism Makis Triantafyllopoulos as a friend, collaborator and editor of his shows. At the same time he was a "member" of the new school of Greek championism. A championism that had specialized in the illegal trade of dopaine (Best friend of Christos Tzekos that knows a lot about “powders” [*1] ) in doped records (best man with athlete Kostas Kenteris, offering media coverage in the famous "accident" he had with the other sport-junkie Katerina Thanou [*2]) and of course the dealing of official positions - recuperating the whole known championship clique either into the security forces, or the political arena (buddies with the athlete-MP Kostas Koukodimos, the failed candidate Voula Patoulidou and others [*3]). Of course anyone can imagine the scams of all of those with a valuable partner like Socrates Giolias in the company called SEGAS that the above were all distinguished personalities of. Especially when the air was full of the "national vision" of the 2004 Olympic Games, a feast was set up in the Athletics Federation with "golden" sponsorships and government grants and secret financial deals under the table with contractors and construction companies.

But the "unaware" Socrates Giolias was a pluralist. He was a known religious bigot in some circles and was a permanent visitor-
member of another well-known company. He was a trusted associate of the Othonic state clergy, while at the same time the man of the cloth, the weasel Ephraim, was his spiritual advisor. This is why when the known scandal about the slimy priests in Vatopedi

broke out,[*4] Giolias always stood in front as a shield to support their little shop. The guy was literally with the cross in his hand.


Beyond all that, the main reason for our visit to his home was his dominant position in the electronic form of new journalism.

With the rapid spread of internet and an ever-increasing preference of young people in particular to inform themselves from it, it was not long before its exploitation by the known lowlife journalists began. Apart from the official news sites that are usually already known electronic newspapers, the first informative blogs were created. The immediacy of the information they offered was the key  feature that turned them into popular websites. This greater freedom of expression has been used by people living under totalitarian regimes as an attempt to heist the censorship imposed by the government.

In contrast to these people, the same anonymity was exploited by systematic journalists such as Giolias, Papagiannis etc. as a means of extortion and slandering to support the specific business interests that finance them. Our action has nothing to do with our opposition to the anonymity of blogs since on the contrary we propose it and we consider it necessary as a shield to protect enemies of the regime and as a healthy condition of genuinely alternative, self-organised means of information. The only sure thing is that Giolias was not among the enemies of the regime, but was the boss behind the anonymous blog “troktiko”(rodent) exercising his propaganda for the system.

Giolias, former associate of the "fighter" Makis Triantafylopoulos and worthy partner of the Kostopoulos–Anastasiadis “school” of
journalism [known journalistic figures](removing guilt from the modern lifestyle motivated by economic success and modern Greek
Macho-ness) had what was needed. On one side the journalism of "social sensitivity", "revelations" and "complaints” and on the
other a macho service, a cocktail of audacity, lifestyle with an opinion, modern neo-conservatism, a hidden (or obvious) fascism,
supposedly satire, not just against authority, but especially against those who have no voice to reply to the mud he threw at them.

The most hideous insults and slanderous lies about urban guerilla warfare entered the first line of the “troktiko” blog publications. Even his brother Pericles, as director of “Prince Oliver”, responded defiantly, ironically paraphrasing the slogans of the uprising in December as an act of arson that targeted his company.

The same boss of “troktiko” had set himself as judge and awarded penalties to those arrested, through his blog. After the divorce from his mentor Makis Triantafyllopoulos, Giolias now independent and in the most powerful position in the journalistic blogo-sphere becomes special adviser to Dimitris Kontominas, who is included in the financial mafia of Greece, known by his involvement in the “interamerican” [*5] scandal. He also recently worked as general manager of radio station THEMA that belongs
to the big-bellied scum Themos Anastasiadis. The list of dirty stories of this journalism clan and the internal battles of the “big”
journalists and publishers, exemplified by the trio Anastasiadis-Giolias-Kontominas and the brotherhood Hadjinikolaou-
Triantafyllopoulos-Kouris, could fill several pages.

The journalistic world is a bucket full of shit and with our action we just simply made it a bit lighter. Of course the boss of “troktiko” as a professional snitch knew the consequences and the "accidents" that could befall him. Socrates Giolias was so “unaware” that he made sure of confirming himself as a target. Especially after the bomb in Patissia and the death of an Afghan boy, he himself, and the bastards he had for colleagues used the camouflage of supposedly anonymous reader comments on “troktiko” to openly threaten anyone opposed to the sewer of lies that they systematically unleashed. Specifically after publishing
exclusive photos of the slain child, a privilege thanks to the loyal cooperation of Giolias with the “anti-terrorists”, a 'reader' of
“troktiko” wrote in concerning the rage that was gathering against the face of the "unaware” - so, what should Giolias and every
Giolias do. Carry a gun and shoot at anyone moving suspiciously to protect his life?-

But let's not exaggerate.

Giolias did not need to shoot to protect himself. It would be taken care of by the two police security escorts that had been allocated to him and used alternately until the pig's death on Katehaki Street. (meaning the death of the military man by the letter bomb sent to the offices of the minister of citizens protection.) Specifically, the "unguarded" Giolias, the journalist who denounced the protection of public figures saying that the police should be combative in the street and not escorting potential targets like 'Filipino sevants', had his own armed gorillas.

Fucking wankers of the “anti-terrorist” let's see if you can dispute the following evidence ...

From Monday to Friday the boss of “troktiko” used for his daily transport a Smart car with numberplate IHP 5121 (which was changed in recent weeks for another Smart with plate numbers IMP 3142), always accompanied by motorbike secret police.
More specifically Giolias set off daily from his home in Daedalus Street 21 between 12.10-12.25 always to arrive late for his radio
show. 20 minutes before that, a bike approached his house and parked in the hidden corner of Nymphs and Daedalus Street with a security escort, who followed the Smart at a 5 to 10 metre distance when it set off. Giolias had two servants-gorillas who usually alternated every other week. The first guy was young (25-30 years old) with a fitness look, usually gazing into space while playing with his cell phone camera and silver-black TDM bike, while the second was more experienced, a grey-haired 40 year-old, his favorite habit was to read his newspaper on his bike and to walk around like he had watermelons under his armpits, whilst he also used the same type of off road Transalp motorbike, plate number XXK 389. We stress that Giolias, to avoid being stigmatized in the neighbourhood by the fact that he had escorts, obliged them to park in the hidden corner so they were not seen, not to seem inconsistent with what he wrote.

Things changed when the fool died in Katehaki Street. Obviously the new instructions and powers given to security escorts to
regulate their position and the route of the proposed target, enabled the gorillas to change position. So for the last period of time the first bike arrived and parked just opposite the apartment building of “troktiko”, checking out everyone that passed by, while a few minutes before Giolias set off the second bike arrived. Giolias took a few minutes to wish them good morning and then they all started together like nice "companions." Usually the first was the TDM checking the route at a distance of 5 to 10 metres, in the middle was Giolias with the Smart and last was the 40-year-old with the Transalp.

Our original thought was to hit them all together. Using a heavy vehicle we would ram the first bike by running over the gorilla and
another firepower force would "mow" down the other two. More targets, more efficiency. We knew their exact route and Ethnarchou Makariou Street which they took after Daedalus Street with the flowerbeds was convenient for the "crash" and cornering them. Soon however, we rejected this scenario because this particular road, which was ideal for such a trap, has a moderate to dense flow of vehicles, passers by and two traffic flows, so there was a danger to other people and we never pursued it. Because the fact that we are sharply critical of social decadence is one thing, the process of targeting is another. Our targets are always clear and our gun's target specific, heads, this is why we would not risk hitting the wrong man. So we'd rather go to his home than let something happen in a gunfight in the street and hit someone irrelevant. What exactly was said through the intercom to ensure not only that he would come down, but would come alone without being accompanied by his wife, is something that does not need not be made public for several reasons. But here, we would like to add that the famous tv persona Yiannis Marakakis, lawyer of Giolias, who goes on the tv-“windows” [a regular feature on Greek tv, the screen is divided into multiple 'windows' allowing vociferous remote discussions between 'experts' on 'topical subjects'] to book a job, should not bust our balls about the Sect 'as a front for a contract killing', because we will carve his face up, as our bullets are worth more than such idiots. Returning, we would like to note that we also rejected the possibility of breaking into his block of flats and executing Giolias in his apartment. Our main concern was for not the slightest thing to go wrong with his wife and of course the young child.

Everyone gets the end they deserve and these people have done nothing to us. Furthermore, the practice of political execution is very clear and specific. There will never be any danger from our attacks for any family members or family environment of a target that does not have any involvement in their dirty options and interests, even if this obliges us to cancel our plans. An urban guerrilla is not a cold murderer. When he chooses to shoot, he does not hit the face itself, but the choices of the specific person, the position he holds, the decisions he has taken, the interests he serves.


It's not a personal thing. The armed fighter fights the operators of the system who no longer have their own separate face, but a
particular job they are defending. The armed fighter does not shoot people, he shoots against the system itself.

Giolias was one of the many names of big time journalists we collected information about their homes, their vehicles, their security, their favorite hangouts, restaurants, even where they play tennis (you get the hint Hadji-wanker from Alter channel ?). All those judges who have microphones and make speeches in front of tv cameras, judging and sentencing, will know what it means
for fear to pass over into their own side. At this point we would also like to advise all witnesses that the answer to any question,
should be one alone: “I don't know, I didn't see, I didn't hear ... " - whatever else will be seen as cooperation with the police and this is not acceptable.

Finally we would like to recall that in our third announcement we wrote that “The supreme planning and duty of an urban guerrilla is to disrupt the interior of his country, hurt the national economy, damage the public external image ...». Greece for months now is in the eye of the cyclone by turning to the IMF and the financial deficit. One of the most lucrative sources of money inflow is the summer tourism season. The execution of the journalist in conjunction with the guerrilla actions of the last year we believe creates a negative image abroad for the safety of Greek territory and hits the national tourism industry. Tourists need to know that Greece is no longer safe ground behind the lines of capitalism. We seek to become a war zone with revolutionary processes with arsons, sabotage, militant marches, bombings, armed executions, not a vacation destination. We are at war with your democracy. As for the financial crisis and the whining of society about the bleak future, we do not give a damn. We don't care about a world that protests the new unbearable economic measures without first having rebelled against the cheapness of the meaning of life inside the system; it deserves its fate.

We did not borrow anything from your world to feel that we are losing or owe something. If what is at stake in the consciousness of people now is the loss of a fixed salary and a secure pension, that shows that this world has already died. Because first it lost its hopes, its dignity, its selfishness, its dreams, its conscience, its feelings, and then no one really cared. But when its borrowed prayers for the miserable delusion of property are threatened and it rebels, then its days are numbered. Because they have been weighed up and found meaningless.

We in the Sect of Revolutionaries believe that only through the complete destruction of the state and the current structures will a new perspective of life be able to dawn. A life of new human relationships, without authority, without borders, without religion without divisions. A life that money does not govern neither will property rule. A life away from false idols, compulsions and conventions. We are promoting a new civilization with values such as equality, dignity, honour, mutual respect, solidarity, liberation. Man can and must create a new way of life and expression. Harmonize with the natural environment, overflow with emotions, abandon himself to pleasures, be the creator of his own world ... Human communication must be liberated from phone lines and flat screens, human gestures should regain their warmth and be relieved from formalities and repeatability, life should become an adventurous wandering and free itself from the bureaucratic version. Of course all this sounds utopian, if you invest all your action on a future vision and  ignore the present.

The answer is given by the mirror itself...

So, don't ask how things will change. Be yourself the answer to your question. We recommend the total annihilation and destruction of authority relations and dominant civilization. Only through the rubble and ruins of modern urban centres will a new way of life flourish. The rebel groups are but a small prefiguration of such a future. But as we said in a previous text, even if this future does not come, we will have tasted it, living our own unorthodox way in today. And this adventure, the journey towards liberation is worth every moment ...

Hence our proposal is now clear. To the people who want to actively refuse the tyranny of the system, go from words to action.

Comrades, organize, create groups, collectivise your wishes, arm yourselves, read, communicate, deny roles and leaderships,
abolish slavery and go into the strategy of armed struggle. Today's urban guerillas must overcome the legacy of the socialist proletariat and proclaim as a revolutionary subject they themselves, their comrades and all those who actively deny the coup of power in our lives, giving a substantial advantage to life and not economic analysis. In procedures that promote armed struggle we win moments of liberated time, as only those allow the recovery of lost dignity and pave the way for inner freedom.

Thus anyone can rewrite his individual identity in social life and become an armed warrior of the revolution. "Enough is enough. Winter fills us with sadness, we spring pollutes us and summer suffocates us. For a long time now our nostrils are choking on the stench from the offices, reactors, factories and highways. Our muzzles no longer taste good, it is like a sausage wrapped in plastic cable. The beer we drink is stale, like bourgeois morality.

We do not want to do the same job and wear the same expression throughout our lives. They have given us enough orders, they have controlled our thoughts, ideas, home and our passports enough, they have smashed our faces enough. We will not let them mold us, oppress us, crush us. - WE WILL SMASH THEIR FACES -

...until the beach of tun nichts (I do nothing ...)
(call of German autonomists)

Y.G.1. Because we know that an angry pig stinks more than usual, we would like to say a few words to the wankers of the DIAS group. "You little pricks because you pretend to be macho, at some point we will open new buttonholes in one of your suits. And bear in mind, we have a little "problem" ... We are terribly consistent in what we say ...». Indeed, indicative of our intention is where we chose to leave our announcement, at a distance of 30 metres straight shot from the guard post and the front of Nikaia police station.

P.S.2 To all prison officials, directors, prosecutors, prison officers and social workers we warn you that if you do not immediately
change your attitude towards suffering tortured imprisoned people you will join the priority list to become an example to the others. Especially for some of you, we even know what time you take your pills. Cut the shit you're doing with ban on leave days and cutting visiting rights to prisoners, respect and do not violate their rights because otherwise at an unsuspected moment you will receive a visit from fighters of the Sect of Revolutionaries with a final transfer to the other world.

Fighters of the Revolution, the enemy has a name, search for addresses ...



Track and field officials targeted Greek athletes during the 2004 Olympics for surprise testing of a previously undetectable steroid after learning they had connections to Balco Laboratories, owner of which is Christos Tzekos a coach and main figure in the sports industry. An e-mail included in the evidence that U.S. authorities made public when announcing the indictments implicated the Greeks, although the names of the coaches and athletes were not revealed.

Greek sprinters Konstantinos Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou were billed as the great hopes of the Athens Olympics after their
respective gold and silver medals in Sydney four years earlier. But on the eve of the 2004 Olympics the duo became embroiled in the one of the biggest scandals to date after missing drugs tests. Dumb-founded upon hearing the news in the media, Kenteris and Thanou staged a motorcycle accident to provide the authorities with an excuse for missing the test. On August 18, the sixth day of the Games, the pair withdrew from the Olympics, claiming they were acting in ‘the interests of their country.'
That was their third violation of the summer and they were subsequently suspended by the IAAF in December 2004. In June the following year however, the Greek Athletics Federation cleared them of all charges, with their coach Christos Tzekos taking the blame with a four-year ban. After a long-standing legal battle, which was about to reach the Court of Arbitration for Sport, they were reinstated by the IAAF in December 2006.

Many athletes pursued a career in politics.

The scandal is that some of Vatopedi’s monks deviously mishandled the real estate holdings of the monastery. As is well known, the Orthodox Church is the largest single landowner in Greece, and the Athonite monasteries are especially well endowed. Vatopedi Monastery has traditionally held great estates all over Greece. Over the past decade, however, it has managed to swap
some of these locations for other land – in high-value places like Athens – and then resell these acquisitions, making a tidy profit in the process.

The former president of the Interamerican insurance company, Dimitris Kontominas, as well as the firm’s board members, were
questioned by a magistrate in connection with the embezzlement of funds between 1996 and 1998. The case came to light following complaints from Greeks living in Germany, South Africa, Belgium and the Netherlands that they had taken out insurance with Interamerican but their policies were later declared worthless.

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